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The Lady Inu

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The Lady Inu

Chapter One: It's A Girl

Naraku dropped a strand of silver hair into a big liquid filled container.

"I hope this works this time." he said to himself as he turned around to get a container with a red liquid in it. Naraku didn't notice that he bumped into on of the shelf and that two liquids,one blue on purple, fell into the container of his experiment. He returned with the red liquid and poured it into the container.As soon as it fell in, the chemicals started to bubble.  He poured that into a giant container big enough for a person and the hole thing started to fill with bubbles.Within the bubbles a figure started forming until it was complete and the bubbles stopped.

"It worked. Kikiyo come quick.It worked this time." Naraku yelled to his assistant. she came as soon as she heard his voice. She stood in front of the container looking into the container.

"Its...........its a girl?" she said confused

" Yes, I know. don't know how that happened but at least it worked.Look at the scanners." he said walking to the scanners behind the container.

"I thought it was suppose to be a clone not an opposite." she said following him. She looked at the scanners. The clone girl floated in the container as if asleep.

"in a few days we will see just how powerful our little experiment is. This flaw in it can prove useful. The next experiment will be perfect as soon as i look through the data. Let's keep her for now, she'll be very helpful to us." he said

"Fine but just make sure she'll be controlable.We don't want her to turn on us." she said as she left.

"i'm sure she won't." he said.

XXXX Three Months Later XXXX      Naraku was killed and his lab was destroyed along with his information on the experiment. The clone girl was not found and neither was the last clone experiment. Kagura walked through the debris of the lab and found Kikiyo looking through the remains of the building.

"What happened to the clones?" Kagura asked her

"I'm not sure about the last one but the girl ran off before the lab blew up.She's looking for him. The opposite she was made from. She's looking for Inuyasha." she responded

"What do you think happened to the other one?"

"Who knows? It was succesful but it hadn't finished the clone process meaning there might be a few flaws in it.It might have been blown up as well." Kikiyo said

"So she's looking for Inuyasha huh? How did she know?" Kagura asked

"She looked through Naraku's files.She took some with her.It's only a matter of time till she finds him. But what she'll do after is not certain." she said walking away from the ruins.

'I hope she'll follow the rest of the orders i gave her.' she thought to herself.


Kagome woke up as the sun came through the window at hit her face. She looked at her clock it was 7:56. She got up still half asleep and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. When she finished she fixed her hair and got dressed and went down to breakfast. Sango was already there eating some toast and Miroku was in the kitchen cooking something.

"Morning Sango." she said as she sat down in the table next to her.

"Morning Kagome." Sango said

"Have you seen Inuyasha?" she asked

"No. I think he's still asleep." Sango said before they heard a crash from somewhere upsairs.

"Looks like he fell out of bed again." Kagome said heading up the stairs. She went into Inuyasha's room and found him on the floor tangled in the blankets from his bed. Kagome laughed as she watched he tried to untangle himself making it worse each time. She watched him try one more time and then helped him untangle himself.

"Thanks." he said after he was untangled and was heading downstair for breakfast

"Your welcome." Kagome said as she followed him down the stairs.

" Hey Inuyasha." Sango said as they sat down at the table for breakfast. He didn't respond because he was bit grumpy this morning. Every one was use to his grumpiness in the morning by now.

"Do you guys want to go to the mall today?" she said

"Sure. I want to get some new clothes." Kagome said

"I have to get something too." Miroku said from the kitchen. They already new what it was.

They all ate their breakfast and then headed to the mall.