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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Two: Hello Inuyasha

They made it to the mall and started to look around. Miroku went to the video store, Sango and Kagome went to look for some new clothes and Inuyasha just wandered around. He went into a music store and looked through the cd's. He didn't notice that someone was following and stayed a few feet away from him so that the person would not be seen.

Inuyasha finished looking through the cd's and left to wander around some more. Around noon he got hungry and went into one of the food places for something to eat. There was still some one following him that he still hadn't noticed.


"That's him alright." a girl said looking at a picture of Inuyasha. "Well the faster I do this the better." and she waited for Inuyasha to come back out.

Inuyasha came out after he finished eating. It was almost one and he would soon have to go meet his friends again by the entrance. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder and saw a girl that looked to be around 17. She had long silver hair with black streaks and amber colored eyes that had a tint of violet. She wore dark jeanes, a dark jean jacket and a short black shirt.

"Are you Inuyasha?" the girl asked him

"Yeah.Why?" he said looking at her strangly. As soon as he said that she put her arms around him and hugged him really tight he could barley breathe.

"I'm so glad I finally found you." she said

"What? Who are you?" Inuyasha asked her pulling away.

"You mean you don't know?"

"No. That's why i'm asking." he said

"I'm Anniya. I'm suppose to be like your clone or something." Anniya said

"Now your just confusing me." Inuyasha said. He looked at her now as if she were crazy.

"If you would give me a minute to explain it will be much clearer for you." she said. They sat down at a nearby bench and Anniya started to explain. She told him of the experiment Naraku was doing and how she was the first to partly succeed. She told him how the lab got blown up with Naraku in it.

"So you're basically and experiment that went wrong." he said still a bit confused

"Partly. I was suppose to look just like you but something went wrong with that and i turned out to be your opposite."


" That i'm almost like but then again i'm not. I can though see better than you and i can hear things from miles away if i want to. And of course i'm a girl so that makes us very diffrent. Here." she gave him a silver necklace with some writing on it.

On the necklace it said ' Clone project #3. Anniya Inu *** N/K Lab'

"Do you understand me now?" Anniya asked him

"Kind of. So where are you ears?" he said pointing to his own.

"Oh those. I can get rid of them whenever i want. They'll disappear so no one can see them but I can still hear good." she responded

"I still don't know how Naraku got my DNA though."

"From some locks of your hair of course. Since we have mostly the same DNA that would make you something like my papa since i'm younger than you." she said hugging him tightly again.

"What?" he said trying to pull away "How old are you?" she looked around his age so he didn't know what she meant by younger.

"Well i'm suppose to look your age but since i was just made i'd say around 3 and a half months." Anniya smiled at him and let him go

"So your basically still like a child then huh?"

"Pretty much. I learn whatever you teach me and I do whatever I tell you. At least that's what Naraku said I was made for." she said

"Do you have to?" Inuyasha asked

"Not really. I can do things on my own if you teach and tell me to do it. That's how I got here. I've been looking for you around a week or so. I want to be near the one i was made to be like." She looked down at her shoes

"Well if my friends think it's okay I guess you can stay with us and we'll teach you what ever you need to know to be able to be on your own." he said to her

"Really?" she said looking up to stare at his face. He nodded. "Thank you papa." she said hugging once more.

"Your welcome. And would you please not call me 'papa' it sounds a bit weird for me. Call me Inuyasha." he said

"Ok. You can call me Anniya then or whatever you want."

"I think Anniya's just fine. Let's go find my friend now. This is going to be hard to explain but i think they'll understand." he took her hand and they walked toward the entrance of the mall to wait for his friends.