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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Eight: A New Life

Just so you know this is around four years after they lost Anniya (Selene) and i'll be focusing on some other characters for now.

It was 7:33 at night and it was pretty dark outside as Shippo(20) made his way to the small night club down the streets from his apartment. He went to the club almost every Saturday night with his friend Kouga. Shippo went not to be with his friends but to see her. The beautiful girl he saw sing there every Saturday night. He thought she had the most beautiful voice.

Kouga(21) kept telling him to ask her out but he was a little shy on that. But not today. He was planning to ask her out tonight and if he was lucky she'd say yes. He was hoping she would. Shippo got to the club just before it was time for her to sing and sat at the front table next to Kouga.

"Hey." he said

"About time you got here." Kouga said

"I got home alittle late today."Shippo said.

The lights dimmed alittle and the music started playing. A light came out in the middle of the stage and she came out. She had long black silver hair with red streaks and had violet amber eyes. Tonight she wore a denim mini skirt with a white belt and a pink white striped shirt. He thought she looked gorgeous tonight. Tonight she was singing 'If I Ain't Got You' by Alicia Keys.

Some people live for the fortune

Some people live just for the fame

Some people live for the power yeah

Some people live just to play the game

Some people think that the physical things

Define what's within

I've been there before

But that life's a bore

So full of the superficial

She sang with a beautiful melody to the song.It was almost as good as Alicia's.

Some people want it all

But I don't want nothing at all

If it ain't you baby If I ain't got you baby

Some people want diamond rings

Some just want everything

But everything means nothing

If I ain't got you

Some people search for a fountain

Promises forever young

Some people need three dozen roses

And that's the only way to prove you love them

Hand me the world on a silver platter

And wondering what it means

No one to share, no one who truly cares for me

Some people want it all

But I don't want nothing at all

If it ain't you baby

If I ain't got you baby

Some people want diamond rings

Some just want everything

But everything means nothing

If I ain't got you

(And just so you don't get bored reading i'll skip to the ending and continue with the story okay? Okay)

If I ain't got you with me baby

Nothing in this whole wide world don't mean a thing

If I ain't got you with me baby

As soon as she finished everyone started clapping. Shippo saw her smile,then bow slightly before walking off the stage. The owner of the club stepped onto the stage with a mic. in his hand.

"Beautiful singing Selene." he said turning to look at Selene who was at the bottom of the stage. "I think we all agree don't we." there was more clapping.

"Well everyone thank you for coming. I hope you enjoy your night. Our little Selene will be singing again later." He bowed and stepped off the stage to the bar where Selene was now sitting at.

"Hey Shippo," Kouga said "Now's your chance, go ask her out."

"Why don't I wait alittle?"Shippo said but as he finished speaking Kouga pushed him towards the bar. He almost fell but he caught himself on one of the stools which someone was sitting on. He was looking at two long slender legs that belonged to none other than the girl he had come to see. Selene. Shippo quickly got up blushing alittle as Selene watched him with a bit of a suprised look on her face.

She laughed a little and said "Are you okay?"

"Um.... uh... I think so... Um sorry about that." Shippo said.He was kindda nervous and a little embarassed by what had happened.

"It's okay." she said smiling at him "My name's Selene. what's yours?"

"Um...Shippo. You sing really beautiful." he said

"Thank you." Selene said. Just then the owner of the club came over.

"Hey Selene. Would you mind the bar untill the bartender comes?" he asked her. "He's going to be a little late. Okay thanks." and he disappeared into a room behind the bar.

"Well I better go get into some other clothes and pass out the drinks. It was nice meeting you Shippo." she said and started to leave to the door behind the bar.Shippo caught her hand before she left.

"Um I was wondering...would you like to go out some time?" Shippo said staring at his feet and letting go of Selene's hand.

Selene put her hand under his chin and lifted his head up to look at her.

"I'd love to." she said and kissed him on the cheek which made him blush again.

"Really? Well i'll pick you up here tomorrow at around seven then. Okay?" Shippo said happily.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow then." they said goodbye and she disappeared into the door behind the bar. Shippo watched the door a while before going back to Kouga who had been watching them from his table.

"So what did she say?" Kouga asked as Shippo sat down.

"She said Yes." Shippo answered smiling.

"Told ya she would." he said

"No you didn't." Shippo answered



"Why are you going out with that guy?" Tashy asked watching Selene, who was walking back an forth in her room getting ready for her date.

"Because he asked me out.Stop complaining Tashy.It's just one date." Selene said stopping in front of her mirror to put her earrings on.

"Yeah but what do you know about this guy any ways?" he said

"Not much.That's why i'm going out,to find out more about him." she said

"Fine but be careful." Tashy said knowing he wasn't going to win this argument.

"Don't worry. I will." she said "Now out of my room so I can finish getting dressed."

Tashy closed the door behind him and turned to face Kikyo who was standing in the the hall.

"I told you that you wouldn't win." she said smiling

"You were listening at the door weren't you?" Tashy said. Kikyo nodded.

"I don't know what the problem is.It's just a date and i'm glad she's going out. She spends too much time in her room anyways." Kikyo said

"Yes and I suppose your happy she won't be here because you have a date too huh?" he said

"Don't be so nosy Tashy and stop worrying over her so much.She knows how to take care of herself already." she said going down the hall to her room.


Just so you understand better what's happening i'm going to explain what happened after Anniya or Selene disappeared. Inuyasha and his friends started searching for Anniya but they weren't able to find any trace of her or Tashy. The only clue was the dagger which was marked the same as Anniya's necklace on one side. They knew it belonged to Kikyo so they started trying to find where she was so they could get Anniya back. But as it turned out Kikyo had disappeared completly after the lab blew up.Some believed she died in the explosion but we all know she didn't. So basically they gave up the search since they were getting no where. But they still hoped to find her again.

As for Anniya, her memory had been erased or partly erased because in her dreams she saw pieces of those memories of when she lived with them. She never was able to remember exactly who they were. Anniya was told her name was Selene and that her parents had died in a fire.Also that she and her brother had been sent with Kikyo who she was told was their aunt. They also told her reason she couldn't remember was because recently she had been in a car crash and unconcious for over a week. Anniya was supposedly a singer at a bar or club called The Rose Night which Tashy owned. And that's pretty much how Shippo first saw her and most of the story untill now.


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