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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Seven: Goodbye 

Anniya was in her room cleaning up when she heard a knock on her window. She opened it and Tashy came in. As soon as he was in she hugged him tightly.

"Your really strong for someone your size." Tashy said putting his arms around her.

"I'm glad you came back Tashy." Anniya said letting go.

"I told you I would. I always do." he said. He had been coming to see her every few days when he could all month. Each time he'd throw arrows or daggers at Inuyasha but they never hit him. He was too fast and dodged every one. Everything was silent for awhile and Anniya continued to clean.

"Anniya how would you like to come with me?" Tashy said after awhile.Kikyo had told him to bring Anniya with him the next time he came because she was the only complete experiment and she had the files to it. She was the only one who could help with finishing the complete cloning process.

"Where to Tashy?" she asked as she cleaned the top of her dresser.

"Where I live. Near Miss Kikiyo. It's a city on the other side of where the lab used to be." he said.

"I would love to but what about Inuyasha? You haven't even met him yet?"

"That I can still do later. So will you come with me?"

"Of course I will Tashy. Though what do I tell Inuyasha and his friends. They'll be worried when they find out I left." Anniya said

"Leave that part to me okay? You just pack up your stuff and i'll come back for you tonight." he got up and left out the window.

As soon as he left Anniya went into her closet to find her backpack. She didn't have to much to pack to everything fit into one suitecase,which wasn't very big, and her backpack. When she finished packing she put the suitecase under her bed for tonight and left her backpack by the window. She checked the clock. It was 2:52.


"Hey Kagome, have you noticed something strange about Anniya today?" Inuyasha asked. They were all in the living room and Anniya was in her room where she'd been most of the day. It was already 8:52 pm. About four hours later.

"No more than usual." Kagome said looking up from the book she was reading to see a bit of a worried look on his face. "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. She's been kind of quiet all day. I think somethings up." he said

"Then why don't you go talk her? It's alot better than sitting around down here and wondering what's up with her." Sango said. She was watching t.v with Miroku and had heard Inuyasha talking.

"Maybe I should." he said getting up and heading upstairs. He got to Anniya's door and knocked twice but got no answer. Inuyasha knocked again. Still no answer.

"Anniya, are you there?" Inuyasha said. When he got no answer he started to worry so he opened the door and went in. The room was dark so he turned the light on. He didn't see Anniya anywhere but he saw blood splattered on the floor.

"I was wondering when you'd stop knocking and come in." he heard a voice say.

The door closed and Inuyasha quickly turned around to see the two red eyes that had been haunting the past month. The figure stepped out from the shadows and Inuyasha was face to face with his clone, Tashy.

Tashy had a dagger in his hand that was covered in blood. Inuyasha knew it was the same blood from the floor though he didn't know who it belonged to but he had a feeling it might have been Anniya's.

"Where's Anniya?" Inuyasha asked taking a few steps back.

"Not even a hello." Tashy said to himself then to Inuyasha.  "Don't worry about that, you won't ever get to see her again anyways."

"Where is Anniya? What did you do with her?" Inuyasha said getting angry

"Like I said, don't bother worrying about her. She's not coming back here again. You should be thankful. She would have killed you all like she's been trying to kill you the past month." Tashy said wiping the blood off the dagger.

"I don't believe you. She wouldn't do that.I know she wouldn't." Inuyasha said getting even more angrier.

"Show's how much you know about her. She was suppose to be like you but the flaws she was born with make her easier to control and she was sent to kill you. Which is what I just saved you from." Tashy went past Inuyasha to the window.

"where do you think your going?" Inuyasha said watching them.

"well you don't expect me to stay here do you. I have other things to do. It was nice meeting" Tashy threw his dagger at Inuyasha and it hit him in the chest, lucky for him not on his heart. Blood was pouring out. Tashy watched him awhile then jumped out the window when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

Inuyasha heard the door open and someoneyelling "Inuyasha are you okay? What happened?" but he didn't answer his vision was getting blurry and soon everything went dark.


Inuyasha woke up the next day late in the afternoon. Kagome was at his side.

"Inuyasha, your awake." she said "Does your chest hurt?"

"Not really. Where's Anniya?" he was hoping last night was only a dream and that she would be there as cheerful as always.

Kagome was silent a moment, then she spoke "Anniya's gone Inuyasha. I doubt we'll ever see her again."

"You mean she's dead?" Inuyasha asked

"It looks like it but we don't really think so." Kagome said

"What do you mean." he asked

"Her stuff is gone. We think she might have run off with whoever stabbed you with that dagger. That or she was taken."


Anniya woke up to find herself in a strange room. She looked around trying to remember what had happened the other day but she couldn't. Actually she couldn't remeber anything not even her name.She got up and walked around the room to the window. Outside she could see a garden with beautiful flowers all in bloom.

"The gardens beautifull isn't it?" she heard a voice behind her say. Anniya turned around and saw a women with long black hair carrying a tray in her hands. She was wearing a blue skirt and white blouse. Anniya seemed to recognize her but she wasn't so sure from where. The women looked rather young, probably around 22 she guessed.

"Who are you?" Anniya said

"Don't you remember your aunt Kikyo?" she said. Anniya shook her head. "You must have got quite a bump on you head from that crash."


"You were in a car accident but luckily you got out okay and not a scratch on you." Kikyo said putting the tray down on a table near the bed. Anniya was still a bit confused.She still didn't know her name or where she was. Or if she had any family.

"What is my name?" she asked.

Kikyo poured some tea into a cup and handed it to her then poured one for herself. Anniya drank her tea slowly. She started getting a little drowsy so she sat on the bed to keep from falling on the floor. Kikyo looked at her thinking.

"Selene." Kikyo said putting her cup on the tray and grabbed Anniya's empty one before it fell on the floor.

"What?" Anniya said wearily. She could barley keep her eyes open.

"Your name is Selene. Selene Igatchi." Kikyo answered looking at the girl as she tried to keep awake. "Your tired my little Selene. Get some rest. We'll talk more when you wake up.

"Okay." Anniya, or Selene as she would now be called, said. She closed her eyes slowly and fell asleep.

Kikyo picked up the tray and started walking to the door. She turned around just as she reached the door to look at Selene. "Sleep well little angel" she said and closed the door as she went out.

Kikyo went into the kitchen and put the tray in the sink. She sensed that someone was standing behind her.

"It's okay Tashy.Then formula worked. She doesn't remember anything." Kikyo said as she washing the cups that were on the tray.

"Yes but for how long?" Tashy asked

"It'll work as long as she doesn't see them so she won't remember. Now all we have to do is make up some story that'll make her think she's someone else. I already gave her a name and I told her I was her aunt.You can think of the rest." she said

"Thanks... aunt Kikyo." he said smiling "So what name did you give her?"

"Selene Igatchi. It was all I could think of." Kikyo said, drying the cups and putting them away.

"I'll go think of some story to tell her for the next time she wakes." Tashy said walking out of the kitchen.

"I'm going to find her some clothes to wear. She's been wearing the same thing you brought her in a few days ago." Kikyo dried her hands and walked out of the kitchen.

Selene, or Anniya, slept peacfully for another few hours. She would not remember anything about Inuyasha, his friends or the time they all spent but they would. They spent the next few years believing she was still out there somewhere and that some day they'd find her and they'd all be together again. But that day didn't seem to come anytime soon and they soon gave up hope. All except for Inyasha of course.

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