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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Six: Experiment #4
  Anniya closed the door to her room and layed down on her bed with one hand on her forehead. She sighed closing her eyes.

    "I thought she'd never leave." said a voice from her window.

    Anniya quickly opened her eyes and sat up on her bed. She looked at her window and saw the man that bumped into her earlier standing next to it.

    "Who are you?" she said "What do you want?"

    "Oh you don't recognize me Anniya?" he said. Anniya shook her head staring at the man by her window. He took of his coat and his hat. He had black silver hair and eyes just like her. She recognized him now that she could see him better.

    "Tashy?" she said almost in a whisper "I thought you got blown up along with the lab." Anniya got up from her bed and went to the man.She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.Then she laid her head on his chest still hugging him tightly. It was the fourth experiment.

    Tashy hugged her just as tight and ran his hand through her hair. He kissed the top of her head and released her.

    "I had trouble finding you.You seem to have hidden very well." he said looking into her eyes.

    "I haven't been hiding Tashy. I've been here with Inuyasha and his friends." she told him "Why don't you go meet him? come on before he goes out." she got one of his hands and started pulling him to the door.

      "Not yet Anniya. Maybe later." Tashy said, stopping her before she opened the door.

    "Why not now Tashy?" she asked him

    "I can't tell you. But i promise to meet him later okay? Don't tell anyone i'm here though." he told her

    "Okay Tashy." Anniya said not quite understanding why he wouldn't want to meet Inuyasha now that he was here. She didn't ask any more about it.

    "Mind if I stay here tonight?" he asked sitting on her bed "I can sleep on the floor.Just keep the door closed so they won't know i'm here."

    "You can stay.Inuyasha sleeps in the room next door.Try not to wake him okay?" she said handing him an extra pillow and blankets from the closet. He took the blankets and made a place to sleep on next to her bed then layed his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.

    He was almost asleep when Anniya asked "Do you want anything to eat Tashy?"

    "No thank you." he said "Go to sleep now Anniya.It's a little late for you to be up." Anniya looked at her clock, it was 10:53. Inuyasha and Kagome would be back from their date soon.

    "Just like Inuyasha." she whispered. She kissed Tashy on the cheek and turned out the lights. Then she curled up in her blankets and went to sleep.


    Inuyasha and Kagome had just come back from their date. Inuyasha was going back to the car to get his jacket. He was half way to the car when he sensed something coming up behind him.He turned around.Two daggers were flying straight at him. He dodged them but the flew at him again.

    "Where did these stupid things come from?" he said aloud. Two more daggers appeared. All four were heading to him in all directions he had no way of escaping. He looked down and there was a board at his feet. He picked it up and caught the daggers with it. They were stuck in the board and struggled to get free.After awhile they stopped and Inuyasha threw the board away with the daggers still in them.

    "Where did they come from?" Inuyasha said again. He looked up and saw two red eyes coming from Anniya's window. As soon as he saw them they disappeared.

    "Inuyasha are you okay?" Kagome asked from the door

    "Fine." he said still looking at the window. He turned away and went into the house.Then he headed upstairs to his room but stopped in front of Anniya's door. He slowly opened the door. Anniya was sound asleep on her bed.

    "It couldn't have been her." Inuyasha thought to himself "She's asleep and it looks like she's been asleep awhile." He looked around the room wondering where those red eyes had come from. Next to Anniya's bed were some folded blankets and a pillow all neatly piled up. He knew that someone had been in here but didn't know who. Inuyasha closed the door and went to his room and quickly fell asleep.


    Anniya woke up around seven o' clock.The house was quiet so she knew they were all still asleep. She looked down at the floor. It was bare except for some folded blankets and a pillow.

    "Tashy?" she said softly. She got no response. No one was there but she caught sight of a folded paper on her dresser. She got out of bed and read the note.

    ' I'll be back later. And remember not to tell anyone i'm here.


    She quickly put the paper away and got dressed. Then headed downstairs to start breakfast. Half an hour later breakfast was on the table and everyone was already waking up. Anniya noticed that there was something bothering Inuyasha but she didn't ask him.

    Later in the afternoon Inuyasha was outside in the backyard with Anniya. He was teaching her how to fight and suprisingly she was very good at it.

    "Anniya was there someone here while I was gone last night?" Inuyasha asked as they sat on the ground to rest.

    "No.Why do you ask?" She said

    "Just wondering." he said not quite believing her.

    "I'm going inside to get some water. Do you want anything Inuyashy?" she said getting up.

    "Sure some water would be great." he said

    "Okay i'll be right back then." she said going inside.

    Inuyasha lay on the ground awhile breathing deeply. He saw something in the sky and he instantly knew what it was. He rolled over and an arrow hit the place where he had just been. Another arrow was starting to fly at him. He rolled over again. The arrow barley missing him. Inuyasha quickly jumped up as four more arrows where flying at him. He dodged them and a few more appeared. They stopped after awhile. He guessed whoever threw them ran out.

    He looked up at the tree in the backyard and he saw the same two red eyes looking at him from among the trees. They disappeared as Anniya came back with two glasses of water.

    "Here Inuyasha." she said handing him the glass of water. Inuyasha was still looking at the tree so he didn't really notice Anniya had come back at first. Though he did notice that the arrows had disappeared.

    "Are you okay Inuyashy?" Anniya asked him as she followed his gaze into the tree. She didn't see anything there.

    "Fine." he said. He was hoping the red eyes in the trees would come back. After a while he turned away.


    "Darn. That's the second time this fails. How am I suppose to get rid of him if he keeps dodging everything I throw at him?" Tashy said to himself. He was hidding in the trees. "Kikiyo's not going to be happy about this."

    Tashy waited untill Inuyasha and Anniya went back into the house before getting down from the tree. "Well I better get more arrows."