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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Five: I think I know him

      "Let's see now where could that little clone girl have hidden?" said a man looking through some binoculars. He was at the top of one of the highest buildings he could find.And as you may have guessed it he's looking for Anniya. He looked around untill he found what he was looking for.

"She seems to have found a friend too." he said looking at the person next to her.It was, he guessed, Inuyasha. "Looks like she did half the work for me." he jumped of the building landing gently on the ground and started running in the direction where he had seen Anniya with Inuyasha.


"Inuyashy why are there so many people around here.?" Anniya asked as they walked through the streets of the city.

"It's a city Anniya.It has to have alot of people or else this place would look lonley." he responded

"Oh OK." She said and they continued to walk. Then someone bumped into them. A man wearing a black coat and hat. They couldn't see his face but Anniya caught a glimpse of silver around his neck. She touched her necklace holding it tightly in her hand. She watched as the man went away without saying anything. She saw him turn around to look at her again before he disappeared from sight.

"I have a feeling I know that guy.But from where?" Anniya thought to herself

"Well that was rude.He didn't even say 'sorry' for bumping into us like that. Hey Anniya. Hello you there?" he said waving a hand in front of Anniya's face.She was still looking in the direction the man disappeared she didn't notice Inuyasha.

"Inuyashy," she said after a moment "can we go home now?"

"Um.... sure I guess." Inuyasha said "You okay?"

"Yes i'm fine." Anniya said as they started walking back home


"Yup it was them alright." said the man as he followed being careful not to get caught. "Now how do I get rid of him?" The man followed them all the way to the house and stuck around hidding in a tree in front untill it was dark.


"I know I know him from somewhere.But where? He was probably someone from the lab since they're the only people I actually got to see." Anniya said to herself as she paced around her room trying to remember where she'd seen him.

She stopped pacing around her room because she was starting to get dizzy. She got the backpack that Kikiyo had given her when she left, from her closet and started looking through what she had inside it. Anniya took out a dark blue folder out of the backpack. It was the file she took from Naraku on Inuyasha that had helped her to find him. Now she noticed that there was also another folder inside her backpack. It was black. She took it out.

Anniya looked through the papers in the folder carefully.

"The clone experiment." she whispered "How did it get in here?" then she thought back to the day that she had left the lab.


Anniya had just found Inuysha's file on Naraku's desk and was looking through it.

"Do you know who he is?" said a voice behind her

"Miss Kikiko!" she said getting up "I know I shouldn't be looking through the folder but I was just curious."

"I can see why. You wanted to know about the person you were suppose to be made to be true?" Kikiyo said looking at a picture of Inuyasha from the folder

"Well yes.I wanted to know who he was and just how diffrent I ended up being from him. Please don't tell Naraku I was in here please." Anniya said

"Don't worry, I won't tell him." she was still looking at the photo "Do you want to meet him, Anniya." she turned to look at her.

"Yes I would like that very much Miss Kikiyo." she said

"I'll let you go to meet him.You can find him but I want you to stay with Inuyasha. I don't want you to come back here." Kikiyo said handing her the folder.

"But why Miss Kikiyo?" she asked

"That's not something for you to know little Anniya. Not yet. Here take this backpack. It has clothes to last you a few days and some money. You should find him before it runs out."

"How will I leave without Naraku seeing me?"

"Leave that to me." Kikiyo now had on an evil grin.


"Miss Kikiyo must have given me the folder along with Inuyasha's file folder." Anniya said to herself "But it couldn't have been by accident. Maybe she knew the lab would blow up. Maybe that's why she told me not to go back and that's might be why I have this folder." she looked at the folder that was open on the ground in front of her.

"So then what am I suppose to do with it?" She heard a knock at her door and she quickly put the folders away shoving her backpack under the bed.

"Come in." she said as cheerfully as she could. It was Kagome.

"Hi Anniya. Are you okay? You've been in your room ever since you got back from the city. Is something wrong?" Kagome asked her

"I'm fine Kagome.I'm just a little tired that's all." Anniya responded

"Are you sure.?" Kagome asked not really believing her.

"Yes i'm sure. Aren't you and Inuyashy going out tonight?" she asked

"Oh yeah. I have to go get ready." Kagome said and ran out the door to her room. Anniya closed the door to her room and layed down on her bed with one hand on her forehead. She sighed closing her eyes.

"I thought she'd never leave." said a voice from her window

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