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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Four:  Life With Anniya

     Kagome and Sango got Anniya settled into an empty room next to Inuyasha's. They also got her to shower. She didn't smell they just thought of it as something she had to learn to do everyday. They searched through their closets and found some clothes that would fit her so she could use untill they took her shopping for her own on Saturday. To celebrate their new roommate the girl's had a slumber party and included the boys. They thought Anniya should learn what most girls should.A part from shopping.

"Hey Anniya, i'm just wondering is that your name or did you make it up on your own?" Sango asked her. They were all lying on the living room floor after watching some movies and eating popcorn.

"I didn't make up that name.It's what it says on the necklace they gave me.I don't know who picked it out though." she said showing Sango her necklace.

"It's cool.Did Naraku give this to you?"

"I think so. I had it on when i woke up."

" Hey the boys are asleep.Want to have some fun?" Kagome said pointing at Inuyasha and Miroku who were fast asleep snoring on the couch

"What kind of fun?" Anniya asked

"You'll see." Sango said pulling a make-up kit from behind the sofa and opening it. She took out some eyeshadow and red lipstick and went to where Miroku was sleeping. She started to gently painting his eylids careful not to wake him. When she finished that his eyes were blue mixed purple. Then Sango started to paint his lips red and his cheeks pink. Then she put a few clips in what hair he had on his head.

Kagome and Anniya started to giggle put kept it low so they wouldn't wake up.

"This is priceless." Sango said trying not to laugh so loud "I gotta get get a picture of this." She took out her camera and took a few photo's of Miroku. Luckily he didn't wake up.

"Let's do Inuyasha next." Kagome said looking through the make-up kit for something to use for Inuyasha. She found some pink and purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner and a mauve lipstick.

"Perfect."she said and handed the lipstick to Anniya "come on you can help me Anniya."

"Are you sure Inuyashy won't be upset?" Anniya asked looking at him

"Trust me he won't." Kagome said as she started putting some eyeshadow on Inuyasha. She was trying not to wake him but she was laughing and couldn't keep her arm steady. Inuyasha woke up.

"What are you girls doing?" he said rubbing his eyes smudging up the eyeshadow a bit. He didn't notice though.

"Nothing just girl talk." Kagome said hiding the eyeshadow behind her.

"Ok. Anniya you should go to sleep now it's late." he said

"Ok Inuyashy." she said as Inuyasha lay back on the couch and quickly fell back to sleep. They waited untill he started snoring to continue his makeover.After they were done they took a few pictures of him then went to sleep themselves.


It had been a couple of weeks or so since Anniya was living with them and they were enjoying having her with them. She was up early every morning to make them breakfast and she was a suprisingly good cook. Kagome taught her how to do laundry and Sango taught her to clean. Inuyasha was teaching her how to fight and she learned very quickly though Kagome didn't think she should be fighting.

Miroku on the other hand with his pervertedness (if that's a word) thought he should teach her something too since everyone else was. Of course everyone knows what that is. Unfortunantly Inuyasha caught him and tried to beat him up but Kagome stopped him before he could.

"Um.... Anniya what are you doing?" Kagome asked her one day as she passed by her room and found the girl staring at something.

"Looking at the wall." Anniya responded


"For fun."

Kagome started to stare at the wall too after a while and found it very amusing for some reason so she sat next to Anniya and did the same. A few minutes later Sango came upstairs to tell them lunch was ready. She found both of them staring mindlessy at the wall.

"What are you two doing?" she asked

"Staring at the wall." both Kagome and Anniya responded. Then as if it called her Sango sat next to Kagome and started staring at the wall too. Minutes later Miroku showed up but didn't ask what they were doing. He just sat down next to Sango and started staring at the wall too. Inuyasha was downstairs already finished eating. He started to wonder where everyone was and went upstairs. He found them all in Anniya's room just staring like lifeless zombies at the wall.

"What the heck are you all doing?" Inuyasha asked

"Staring at the wall." they all responded

"Well stop that and get downstairs all of you.The food's already cold." he said. Then they all stopped staring at the wall and went downstairs to eat.


Inuyasha was sitting in the living room watching T.V. Wrestling actually when he heard someone call him.

"Inuyashy!!Where are you?" it was Anniya. She found him staring at the t.v where he had been for the past two hours.

"Inuyashy? I have a question." she said laying her head on his shoulder

"Well hurry up i'm watching t.v." he said still staring at the screen.

"What do i do when a guy keeps doing something he shouldn't to a girl?" she asked. She didn't notice Inuyasha wasn't listening. He was busy watching a guy getting pounded on the T.V.

"Beat the crap out of him." he said to the people on the screen. Anniya however took this as the answer to her question.

"Thank you Inuyashy." she said kissing him on the cheek and going out to the backyard. Inuyasha who wasn't paying attention now looked up and realized what just happened.

"Wait a second. Anniya I was talking to the T.V not you." but she was already gone.A few seconds later he heard noises from the back yard and went quickly to the window. He found Miroku lying on the ground apparently unconcious and Anniya was skipping away happily back into the house.

"Anniya?" Inuyasha said

"Yes Inuyashy." she said smiling as she came to him

"Um what did you just do?" he asked

"What you told me to do."

"I didn't mean for you to do that i was talking to the T.V." Inuyasha said to her

'I'm sorry papa. I thought that was the answer to my question." Anniya said looking down at the floor a little sad

"That's ok. it's my fault.i should have actually listened to what you were saying." he looked out the window at the still unconcious Miroku "What did you beat him up for anyways?

"He keeps trying to touch my breast and by bottom." Anniya responded backing away a little.

"That pervert. Next time he tries that tell me and i'll beat him up.Now go do something while drag Miroku inside." Inuyasha said a little angry

"Okey dokey then Inuyashy." she said and skipped away happily again.

Inuyasha dragged Miroku inside. Miroku woke up a few minutes later pretty sore. Inuyasha punched him in the face leaving him unconcious for another hour or so. That's pretty much how it was like having Anniya around. Though they didn't that it wasn't going to last much longer.

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