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The Lady Inu

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Chapter Three: Meet Anniya

Kagome and Sango finished their clothes shopping and went to get something to eat before they had to leave.They ate quickley and headed to the entrance of the mall. They stopped almost half way there because they saw Inuyasha standing there looking a little annoyed. There was a girl with silver hair skipping around him saying something but they couldn't hear what she was saying. Inuyasha was trying to catch her so she would stop but she was able to skip ouy of his reach before he did.

"Anniya, please stop skipping around and stay put." they heard Inuyasha say as they got closer.

"Why?" the girl said

"Because it's annoying." he said trying to get her hand so she'd stop

"Why?" she said again

"Ten minutes and your already getting on my nerves." he said this time he was able to catch her and get her to stay put just as Sango and Kagome arrived.

"Hey Inuyasha.Who's your friend?" Sango said looking at the girl. 'She looks a little like Inuyasha.I wonder if they're cousins or something.' sango thought

"Hey i'm Anniya.What's your name?" the girl said cheerfully

"I'm Sango."

"And i'm Kagome. Are you family of Inuyasha's or something?" Kagome asked

"You can say that." Anniya said.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha. "It's hard to explain.Let's find Miroku and i'll tell you guys as soon as we get home." he said

"Looks like Anniya's already found him." Sango said

Inuyasha turned and found Anniya was no longer at his side. He turned in the other direction and saw Miroku talking to her. He went up to them just as Miroku was trying to grab her ass.

"Keep your hands to yourself you pervert." Inuyasha said pulling Anniya away from Miroku.

"He's a friend of yours papa?" she asked

"Yes and i told you not to call me that." he said

"Sorry." she said in a childish voice

Inuyasha's friends were just looking at him confused.

'Papa?" Kagome thought "Wonder why she called him that. She's looks around his age.'

"Let's get going.I'll explain everything to you when we get home.Come on Anniya. And keep you hands to yourself Miroku" Inuyasha said as he saw him getting closer to her

"What? I was just going to say hi." he said innocently

"Whatever.let's go." he took Anniya's hand and pulled her out the door. Then they noticed something about her that they hadn't before. She had dog type ears just like Inuyasha's.But they were sure she didn't have them when they all first saw her.

Anniya skipped happily most of the way to their house untill Inuyasha told her to stop. She never went to far from him and stayed close by. A few minutes later they got back home and they all sat in the living room waiting for Inuyasha to explain to them about the girl they had brought with them.

"Well how i say this?" Inuyasha said to himself

"I know." Anniya said "I'm Inuyasha's opposite clone."

"Your just confusing them but yeah she's suppose to be like a clone.An opposite.I still don't understand to well why don't you explain then.You know more." he said as he saw his friends got even more confused now

"Ok. I was an experiment meant to be an exact clone of Inuyasha but something went a little wrong and i ended up his complete opposite as you can see." she said " Though i was the first out of four experiment's to come out partially right.Understand?"

"A little." Kagome said "But who made you?"

"Naraku and Miss Kikiyo. Though the lab got blown up around a week ago and Nraku's dead. I don't know what happened to Miss Kikiyo or the last experiment and I didn't know what to do."

"So how did you find out about Inuyasha?" Sango asked

"I found out from some file I stole from Naraku's desk before the explosion and i've been looking for him since i'm suppose to be like his clone i wanted to meet him." Anniya said

"How did you get out from the explosion?" Kagome asked

"Oh i wasn't really there for the explosion. After i found out about Inuyasha and wanted to meet him, Miss Kikiyo gave me a backpack with some stuff in it and told me to go ahead and find him." she said "She said i'd be better off with him instead of staying locked up in the lab all the time.She said she wanted me to live like a normal person and not just like some experiment which i am."

"I think i understand better now." Kagome said "But who blew up the lab?"

"Don't know. I was around a mile away before i saw the explosion but i didn't go back."

"So what are you going to do now?" Sango asked her

"Well," Inuyasha said "I thought maybe she could stay with us since she is 'clone' and she doesn't know much on taking care of herself. She's pretty much still like a child."

"I think that's a good idea.We can all teach her thing she needs to know so she can live normally on her own." Kagome said

"Yeah."said Sango "I think that's great. Now we can outnumber the guys."

Anniya tugged at Inuyasha's sleeve "Inuyashy.." she said


"Why does that guy keep looking at me funny?" she said pointing at Miroku who had stayed quiet this whole time and was now almost drooling. Inuyash got up and smacked him in the back of the head.

"Stop staring at her like that and don't get any of your perverted ideas.You are to keep away from Anniya." he said glaring at Miroku

"Sorry but it's weird.I mean that's what you would look like if you were a girl?" Miroku said still staring at her "I think you wouldn't be half bad." Inuyasha smacked him in the back of the head again. This time Miroku fell out of his seat.

"Come on Anniya." Kagome said "Let's go get you settled into your new room and see if any of our clothes fit you. I don't think you have any do you?"

"Not really just what i'm wearing and an extra pair of jeans and two shirt i have in here." Anniya said holding up a black backpack that seemed to have come out of now where.

"I think our clothes will do until we take you shopping for your own later." Sango said "Now let's get you settled in and cleaned up." Then both her and Kagome started to drag her upstairs.

Miroku got up and said "So what is she like your daughter or somthing then?" Inuyasha hit him on the head again and followed the girls upstairs.