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Chapter Four: Stranger In Blue

       Ivy crossed the garden of the large two story house, Crete flying at her side. It was almost a week since she had left the Hinata to search for her cousin Violet and finally she had found her.

"This looks like Violet's place alright." Ivy said knocking on the door

"Do we really have to stay here? No offense but your cousin's a nutcase." Crete said landing on her shoulder.

"It would be better than staying with Aunt Athena who keeps trying to boil you into a stew." Ivy said. The door opened and only dark could be seen inside the house.

"Come in dear cousin." a haunting voice said from inside. Then lightning appeared out of no where in the sky.

"This is better how?" Crete said as he followed her into the house.


"Keitaro, are you awake? Breakfast is ready and you better hurry before Mutsumi eats everything." Motoko said standing outside his door.

"I'll be right there." Keitaro said lazily getting up from his bed and putting his glasses on. "Wow, what a dream that was last night. Just glad its not real and that everyone here is acting like their normal self."

After getting dressed Keitaro started heading to the kitchen with the belief that the events of the day before were just a dream but that soon changed when he sat down at the table for breakfast with everyone else. As soon as he sat down Motoko handed him his plate and he saw that Shinobu was missing.

"Where's Shinobu?" he asked

"She wasn't feeling well today so she's staying in her room." Motoko answered.

"Good morning everyone." Naru said coming in for breakfast with a bottle of sake in her hands.

"Naru it's morning, you shouldn't be drinking this early." Motoko said taking the bottle from her hands and replacing it with a plate of food.

"I always drink, what's the point?" Naru said taking back the bottle and taking a long drink from it.

"You shouldn't bother taking the bottle away Motoko, she has a dozen more upstairs hidden in her room." Mutsumi said with her mouth full of food.

After breakfast Keitaro went outside for a walk. So far the things were pretty much like yesterday and he now knew what had happened wasn't a dream. But he did wonder why all the girls were acting so strangely, so unlike themselves. After awhile he started thinking 'Maybe this is just one of their tricks. they're probably just fooling around, they'll be back to being themselves again by noon I bet.'

"Oh, but it isn't a trick dear boy." an eerie voice said from behind him, making him jump. Keitaro turned around to see a figure dressed in black with a blue cloak on covering their face from view.

"Who are you?" he asked the strange figure.

"Just someone who knows what is really happening, that it is not a trick your friends are playing. It is a spell they have been put under." the figure said

"Okay, now I don't really understand what you're talking about." he said

"You have seen the girl, Ivy. Yes?"

"Yeah, she stayed with us a few days ago. But what does she have to do with this?" he asked.

"There is much you don't know." the figure said

"Well if you would tell me I would." he said. Then right before his eyes, the cloaked figure started to disappear.

"Soon you'll know." was what the cloaked figure said before completely vanishing into the air.

"Well that was strange." he said to himself "Wonder who that was."

He continued his walk around the Hinata, keeping a look out for the cloaked figure.


"Violet, stop hiding and come out already. I can't keep talking to you if I don't know where you are." Ivy said looking around the dark house. She had tried turning on the light so she could see but the switch was stuck and wouldn't work. She had been talking to her cousin for only a couple of minutes but she found it hard to speak to Violet when she couldn't even see her.

"Alright, if you'll quit walking around in circles. Your starting to make me dizzy." Violet said.

A few seconds later Violet appeared from among the darkness near the door. She had long curly dark brown hair, grey eyes and light, browned skin. She was dressed in purple and lavenders.

"Happy now." she asked Ivy.

"Very, now are you going to be able to help me or not?" Ivy asked

"I know a spell and a potion to help but the ingrediants are hard to come by now a days." she said.

"Tell me what you need and I will get it for you." Ivy said.

"Here is a list. You need all of them for the spell to work." she said handing Ivy a long list of ingrediants.

"I will be back soon, cousin." Ivy said opening the door and going out with Crete ahead of her, thankful to be outside again.

"Well that went better than I expected." Ivy said to Crete as they headed down the street.

"Yeah, but I still don't trust her." Crete said

"What could happen if we find she can not be trusted?" she asked

"Not sure, but it's not likely to be something good." he said

"Stop worrying. Everything will be fine."


As Keitaro walked around the town, he got the feeling that he was being followed. It made him uncomfortable. After awhile he stopped and turned around. The cloaked figure was there walking slowly in the opposite direction of him.

"Hey, wait!" he said running towards the figure.