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Chapter Three: A Crazy Day

      After finishing breakfast Keitaro went outside for a walk. Most of the girls were still asleep so he probably wouldn't see them untill later in the day. He was starting to wonder why Motoko and Su were acting weird. Motoko seemed alot nicer tohim today and Su kept complaining on how she was going to have to spend the day studying for a test she was having at school on Tuesday. Usually Su was in her room making another dangerous invention like most Saturdays and Motoko was usually training with her sword. Right now she was in the kitchen cooking and suprisingly her cooking was really good.

 As he was walking down the last few steps of the Hinata something hit him in the back of the head and he fell down the steps.

"Sorry Keitaro." he heard a voice say from the top of the steps. He got up rubbing his head and looked at the top of the steps. There was Mutsumi with some kind of control in her hands.She pressed a button on the control and Keitaro head a strange noise coming from the ground. He looked down and saw a mechanical turtle, like the one Su usually made, flying up to where Mutsumi was.

"Sorry Keitaro," Mutsumi said again as she came down the steps "I was testing out this new invention. I guess it still needs some work."

'I thought Su was the crazy inventor.' he thought "It's okay Mutsumi, just be careful next time." he said to her.

"Well i'm going to go fix this." she said "See you later. Bye." Mutsumi ran back up the stairs of the Hinata and went inside.

Keitaro continued his walk aroun the Hinata when he suddenly tripped on something. He looked down, it was an empty sake bottle.

"I thought we told Mitsune not to leave these lying around." Keitaro said to himself as he picked up the bottle and threw it away. After walking around for about a half hour more he went back up stairs to the Hinata. As he went up the stairs he tripped over another empty sake bottle. "Mitsune!" he yelled.

As soon as he got inside he went upstairs to Mitsune's room with at least two empty bottles sake he had tripped over outside. "Mitsune," he said opening the door. As soon as he opened the door a sword came at him sending flying to the wall. He thought it was Motoko attacking him but when he gained conciousness he saw Mitsune holding a sword in her hands.

"What do you think you're doing coming into my room without my permission you pervert." Mitsune said to him angrily.

"Hey what's happening out here?" a voice said.

They both turned to see Naru with a bottle of sake in her hands. She took a sip then looked back at them. Keitaro was expecting her to punch him in the face and send him flying to the next town. But to his suprise she just stood there looking at them, waiting for one of them to say something and every now and them took sips from her bottle of sake.

"This pervert was trying to sneek into my room." Kitsune told Naru

"No I wasn't. i was just going to tell you to please not leave your empty sake bottles lying around.I tripped over three of them already." Keitaro said hoping she would believe him and that Naru wouldn't punch him.

"I don't drink sake. so don't accuse me of something that i didn't do." Kitsune said

"Those are mine.I guess I forgot to pick them up last night." Naru said

"Since when do you drink, Naru?" Keitaro asked her.

"Since always. And Kitsune if your going to kill Keitaro would you mind keeping it down. I have a huge headache." Naru said walking back to her room and closing the door.

As soon as Naru disappeared Mitsune went back to Keitaro still holding the sword in her hands but to her suprise he was gone. She looked around the hall and saw him running away as fast as he could down the stairs.

"Hey get back here you pervert. I'm not through with you yet." she yelled after him.

Keitaro ran down the stairs to the living room before he stopped out of breathe. He looked back and lucky for him Mitsune wasn't chasing after him with the sword she had attacked him with.

"Are you okay Keitaro?" Shinobu asked as Keitaro collapsed on the couch.

"I guess if by okay you mean almost getting killed by Kitsune then yes." Keitaro responded. At least Shinobu seems to be acting herself. Unlike everyone else in this house right now. he thought to himself.

"Want me to get you a glass of water?" Shinobu asked him

"Yeah that would be great." he said

"Okay. I'll be right back then." Shinobu said, getting up from the other couch where she had been sitting to go to the kitchen. As she was walking towards the kitchen she just suddenly fainted falling to the floor.

"Shinobu? Shinobu are you okay? what's wrong?" Keitaro said as he picked her up from the floor.

Shinobu slowly opened her eyes and slowly got up "I'm okay Keitaro. But I probably should lie down for a bit." Shinobu said as she walked to the sofa.

"Are you sure Shinobu?" Keitaro asked her

"Yes. I'm fine." Shinobu said smiling

"Okay, if your sure. I'm going to the kitchen to get some water." he said as he headed towards the kitchen. When he went in he found Motoko by the stove cutting up some vegtables.

"Hello Motoko. What are you doing?" Keitaro asked as he got a glass from one of the cabinets and filled it with water.

"I'm getting lunch ready." Motoko answered

Keitaro looked at her. She was still wearing the blue dress he saw her in this morning. Motoko notice him looking at her and turned away from the counter to face him.

"Is something wrong Keitaro?" she asked

"No it's just that I thought you didn't like wearing dresses." he said

"You don't think I look pretty in one?" Motoko said with a hurt expression on her face.

"No it's not that. I think you look beautiful in a dress. It's just a little strange to see you wearing on." Keitaro quickly said.

"Motoko have you seen my math book? I have to finish studying and I can't find it." Su said comming in from the kitchen.

"No I haven't seen it. Have you checked the livingroom?" Motoko said.

"No.I'll go right now and look." and she disappeared from the kitchen

"Well i'm going upstairs." Keitaro said "I have my own studying to do."

"Okay Keitaro." Motoko said "I'll call you when lunch is ready."


"So far this has turned out to be one strange day." Keitaro said to himself looking away from the book he was studying. "The girls all seem to be acting really strange."

"Su is actually studying.Naru is drinking.Motoko is being nice to me. And Kitsune is trying to kill me with a sword. I wonder where she even got that thing from." Keitaro said with a sigh. "I wonder if it has anything to do with that girl from the other night. Everything was fine untill she came."

Keitaro thought for a moment "I am wondering where she disappeared to this morning.Well I guess she must be looking for her cousin still. I hope I get to see her again soon."

And soon they all would..........