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Chapter Two: Ivy's Spell

     "So what are you doing around here on a night like this?" Naru asked

     "Well I came here to find a relative of mine that is suppose to be living somewhere close by. You see my parents died around five years ago and the police have not yet found me a relative to stay with who is capable of taking care of me. So i've been living on my own." Ivy answered " A month ago I got a letter from a cousin asking me to come stay with her awhile but i haven't been able to find her home with all this rain."

    "Well you can stay the night here Ivy.If it's alright with everyone else." Naru said. Everyone nodded.

    "We can help you find your cousin tomorrow if the rain has stopped." Shinobu said.

    "That is very kind of you and I will gladly accept your help." Ivy said with a sweet smile on her face.

    "Right now it's late.I'll show you to your room if you want." Mutsumi said

    "That would be nice."

Both girls headed up the stairs quietly talking together as they did. After awhile everyone else got tired and went upstairs to their own rooms to sleep.


     Ivy was sleeping peacfully in the room they had let her stay in when she heard a light tapping on her window. She quickly got up and opened it. A small black dragon like creature came in and landed on the floor by the bed shaking the water from its wings.

    "It's about time." the creature said

    "I'm sorry Crete." Ivy said picking up the creature and putting him on the bed so he'd be warm. "I had to wait untill I was alone so that I could let you in."

    "Yeah, whatever." Crete said snuggling up in the blankets. "Did you find your cousin at least?"

    "No. Not yet. But I have found this house to be a good source of fun." Ivy said with a mischevious grin on her face.

   "You planning to use your witch magic tonight?" Crete asked

    "Of course i am. This house has much negative energy." a mirror appeared in front of her "Each one has their own personality that seperates them from the others but they don't understand what it is like to be one another."

  "So your switching their personalities then? This ought to be fun."

   "Let them learn for just a bit what it is like to be one another. Their personalities will change with each coming week untill they know what it is that make other people themselves. Let us hope they learn something from this."

 Blacksmoke appeared going slowly out the door and separating in the hall as it went under the doors and encircled the sleeping people inside.


 The next morning everyone woke up feeling strange. None of them felt as if they got enough sleep that night. Keitaro walked down the hall to the stairs for breakfast passing Motoko on his way.

  "Morning Motoko." he said sleepily

  "Good morning Keitaro." Motoko said cheerfully.

  Keitaro looked at her. She looked pretty cheerful this morning. Must be in a good mood this morning. he thought. wait what is she wearing? he turned around to look at her again as she was going into her room. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing a blue dress.

  "I thought Motoko hated wearing dresses." Keitaro said to himself as he went down stairs to the kitchen.

   "Good morning Shinobu do you know what's up with...................Su!" he said stopping as he noticed that Shinobu was not there.

  "Morning Keitaro." Su said

  "Where's Shinobu?" he asked

  "I think she's still asleep." Su answered

  "what about breakfast then?"

"Motoko just finished cooking it." she said pointing to the table where Motoko had put the food.

  "Well if your done asking questions, i'm going to my room to study." she said as she ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

   "Su studying?" Keitaro said aloud. "Usually by now she's making some crazy machine to kill me with. This is a strange morning."

Of course it was indeed a strange morning due to Ivy's spell which none of them knew of yet. Ivy and the dragon like creature on the other hand had left early that morning as the sun was rising.

   "Too bad I can't stick around for the fun." she said as she was leaving.

  "Trust me that's the last thing they'll need right now." Crete said "Now let's find your cousin so we can fix our own little problem. Hopefully one of them will be able to help."

   It was of course a suprise to everyone to find their visitor missing but they knew she wouldn't have stayed so long any ways. Keitaro on the other hand was getting more of a suprise on his own.