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Chapter One: Out Of The Rain

        Keitaro looked out the living room window of the Hinata at the rain falling heavily from the sky. It had been rainy hard since yesterday afternoon and showed no sign of stopping anytime soon. Everyone was sitting around the living room quietly doing their own thing. Su and Shinobu were on the floor watching t.v. Mitsune was passed out on the couch, sake bottles on the floor around her. Naru was sitting by the table with books opened around her, studying. Motoko was sitting quietly in a corner meditating and Mutsumi was on the other couch fast asleep.

      Keitaro kept looking out at the rain that was still falling even harder now when he saw a dark figure out in the rain walking about the steps of the Hinata.

"Hey Naru, do you see something out there?" Keitaro said

     Naru looked up from the book she was studying. Keitaro was pointing out the window he had been looking at for the past hours. She slowly got up and looked out the window. She saw nothing but rain flooding the outside of the Hinata.

"Keitaro, you've been looking out the window too long that now you starting to see things." Naru said hitting him on the head.

"Ow." He said rubbing his head "But I did see something out there."

"Whatever. Tell me when the spaceship comes to take you home." she said returning to her books to study.

Keitaro looked out the window But I did see something out there. I know there's something there. he thought. He looked out the window and there it was again. The figure was outside in a few feet from the window. It was raining so hard that Keitaro could only see blurry and couldn't make out what the figure was.

"There it is again. I'm telling you something's out there." Keitaro said. This time everyone looked away from what they were doing and stared at him.

"I told you already, there is nothing there." Naru said

"But it is. Look." he turned to look out the window but the figure had disappeared. Everyone was now looking out the window now.

"I don't see anything. Are you sure there was something out there." Shinobu asked

"I'm positive." Keitaro said

"I don't see anything either." Mutsumi said

"Neither do I." Mitsune said

"Naru's right. Your just seeing things. Get away from that window." Motoko said

    Keitaro sighed and sat next to Shinobu as her and Su went back to watching t.v. The whole house was quiet and nothing could be heard but the t.v and the rain falling outside. Shinobu started getting thirsty and went to the kitchen to find something to drink. On her way back she stopped suddenly in front of the window. Looking out she saw a dark figure and started screaming.

"Shinobu what's wrong?" Mutsumi asked her

"Keitaro what did you do?" Naru said glaring at him

"I'm over here. I didn't do anything." Keitaro said

"There's something out there. Keitaro was right." Shinobu said

"Are you sure Shinobu?" Naru asked

"She's right there is something out there." Motoko said looking out the window. She quickly looked away and ran to the door "And i'm going to find out what it is."

"I'll come too." Naru said grabbing her jacket.

"I'll go too." Keitaro said

"Like I would leave in here alone with the rest of the girls." Naru said pulling him out the door as she followed Motoko.

     They looked around the Hinata but with the rain it was almost impossible to see anything. They had nothing but light coats on and it was cold outside. After awhile they were getting soaked.

"Whoever it was must have left." Naru said as she started to head back inside

"No they haven't." Motoko said. Keitaro and Naru followed Motoko's gaze to the steps of the Hinata. There stood a blurry dark figure at the edge of the step.

"Who are you? Show yourself." Motoko said holding up her sword.

     The dark figure stepped up to them revealing the cloaked figure of a girl soaking wet from the rain.Her face was completely covered by the cloak.

"I am very sorry if I have frightened you or your friends. I'm lost and i've been looking for a place to hid from the rain. Unfortunantly I have found no place to go." she said. Her voice was sweet and innocent. Motoko put her sword down.

"What is your name?" Motoko asked her

"My name is Ivy." the girl responded

"I'm Motoko. This is Naru and Keitaro." Motoko said introducing them

"Hello. Do you have a last name, Ivy?" Naru asked her

"I'm afraid not. I don't even think Ivy is my real name." Ivy said

"Well why don't you come inside and we can talk. Your soaking wet, you'll catch a cold if you stay out here any longer." Naru said holding out her hand.

"Thank you very much Miss. And again, i am sorry to have frightened you." Ivy said sweetly following them back into the house

   Everyone was waiting in the livingroom for them. All wanting to know who the mysterious figure outside was. To their suprise not three but four people came inside. The three that went outside and a girl with a dark purple velvet cloak that covered her face.

"Who's that?" Su asked staring at the girl.

"Here name is Ivy." Motoko said

"Um... Ivy, don't you think you should get rid of that cloak?It's soaking wet" Keitaro said to her.

"Oh sorry. I forgot about it." Ivy said slowly removing her cloak.

    Underneath the cloak was a girl of around sixteen. She was wearing a short longed sleeved grey blue dress which matched the color of her eyes. Her skin was almost pale and her hair was very light brown. Keitaro stared at her with his mouth open, he thought she was absolutly beautiful.

"Keitaro, you pervert. Stop staring at her like that." Naru said puching him out the now mysteriously open window out into the rain.

"Hello Ivy. I'm Shinobu." Shinobu said holding out her hand.

"I'm Kaolla, but they call me Su." Su said

"Hello, i'm Mutsumi"

"I am very pleased to meet you all. Who is your friend that is passed out on the couch" Ivy said pointing to Mitsune

"That's Mitsune." Shinobu said "She's usually like that."

"Well i will be very pleased to say hello to her if she wakes up."

        Keitaro came back inside soaking wet from the rain and they all sat down on the couches to talk. No one noticing that another small dark figure was flying around outside in the rain past the window.