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Chapter Two

Odd and Yumi

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Chapter Two: Just A Date

    Odd invited Yumi to the movies that weekend and thankfully she accepted.Since they're they talked Yumi seemed to be going out more and no longer stayed in her room as much.Every once in a while she would get butterflies when she was with Odd but still didn't know why.She didn't care anymore that Ulrich was with Sissi but she did care that they all saw less of him than usual because he was always with Sissi.They hardly spoke and didn't seem to notice each other half the time.

    Anyways Yumi went with Odd to the movies on Saturday night.They were watching the movie "The Forgotten"(I just saw that one so it was the first one that came to my mind). They both enjoyed the movie very much and afterwards they took a short walk around the park before going home.

"That was a cool movie huh Yumi?" Odd said.

"Yeah it was cool.But I don't know how those people got sucked into the air like that."she said.

"I bet it was a giant vaccum cleaner."Odd said laughing (that was my friends idea)

"I doubt it. But if it was it would have gotten everything else instead of one person at a time."

"Maybe,"he said "So what did you do when you were locked in your room all that time? If I can ask."

"Nothing really. Just mostly reading and writing things." she answered

"Like what?"

"Just thoughts and feelings."

"Poetry?" he asked

"Yeah I guess you can say that."Yumi said

"You think I can read some of it sometime?"

"Sure. I'll bring you one of them on Monday to school.But most of my poems aren't really good though."

"Maybe for you.Well we better get home." and they left the park. Before Yumi went inside her house Odd gave her a small kiss on the cheek then left. (How cute!-)

On Monday morning Yumi gave Odd one of her poems to read this is how it goes:


Life is like a spinning circle

it may stop when somthing bad happens

but it will go on, it's not the end.

Life is tough and it's sometimes rough

but there's no need for bloody knives,

split veins and dead bodies.

Keep going be strong and don't give up.

Life keeps going and you'll

keep on living.

It doesn't end just by something bad.

Keep living, life keeps spinning.

(just so you know, I wrote this poem for a class assignment. i'm really good at poems, or so my friends say.)

"This is good Yumi." Odd told her

"Really? I didn't think it was so good."

"It's cool."

"Hey Odd, Yumi we're going to be late for class." they turned around and saw Jeremie running to class and they followed him.

   Odd once again asked Yumi out on Friday afternoon.They had a quiet picnic at the park. Yumi read some of her poems for Odd and he listened dreamily to her voice,That of course wasn't the only date they had.They went out alot the next few months and their dates always ended with a sweet kiss