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Chapter Eight

Odd and Yumi

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Chapter Eight: Graduation

      Graduation day was tomorrow and Yumi was fixing up her cap and gown.She'd be off to college in two months.It was thursday night and as she finished fixing everthing for tomorrow she thought of the things that happened that past year and that same month,May.

     That month Jeremie and Aelita had gotten engaged and were planning a wedding for that summer in June.She was going to go with Aelita to find a wedding dress on Saturday and Odd was helping Jeremie find a suit.She was to meet them all tomorrow in front of the auditorium for the graduation ceremony early in the morning.

Friday Morning:
Odd was sitting on the steps of the auditorium with Jeremie as they waited for the girls to arrive.
"So are you going to ask her after the ceremony today then?" asked Jeremie

"Yup.Before we go to the graduation ceremony."Odd responded "I just hope she says yes"

"I'm sure she will" jeremie said

      They said no more because Aelita and Yumi had just arrived.They were all dressed in their caps and gowns waiting to be called inside.A few minutes later they were called inside and the ceremony was to begin as soon as everyone was seated.

     They waited on the stage as one by one each student was called to recive their diploma and stand on the other side of the stage.As soon as everyone was called the school song was sung then they all threw up their caps into the air and ran outside.
    Odd took Yumi to the other side of the auditorium while Jeremie and Aelita went to say congradulations to the rest of their friends.
"So what did you want to talk about?"Yumi said when they got to the other side.
    "This." and Odd got to one knee and held out a white box with a dimond ring inside.
    "Yumi will you marry me?" he said