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Chapter Six

Odd and Yumi

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Chapter Six: Romeo and Juliet  /  Fighting

     Ulrich got more and more jealous every time he saw them together and this is something Sissi seemed to notice.Which didn't make her too happy. She now belived that Yumi was trying to steal Ulrich from her and she was going to try keeping him away from her no matter what she had to do.

  This got a bit worse the day they we're acting out parts from the famous play "Romeo and Juliet" in English class. Yumi was Juliet and Ulrich of course was Romeo.

(just so this doesn't get boring i'm skipping a little ahead to the problem)

Ulrich: 'I take thee at thy word. call me but love and i'll be new baptized; henceforth i never will be romeo'

Yumi: 'what man art thou that thus bescreen'd in night?'

Ulrich: 'by a name i know not how to tell thee'

Then he leaned in and kissed her right on the lips.At that instant Odds pencil somehow broke into two pieces and Sissi was starting to boil with anger. The teacher (don't have a name for him yet) after they finished said  "Very good.Lovely acting.You may now sit down."

They returned to their seats and that was that untill of course afterclass.

'Why the hell did he kiss her for' Odd thought to himself after class 'I think he's up to something.'

Ulrich didn't seem to care about the evil glaces that both Odd and Sissi shot him all during class. Yumi on the other hand stayed quiet all during class and didn't bother to even look at Odd or Ulrich.

Ulrich started hanging around Yumi and the others more often now and Sissi wasn't happy about this. She and Yumi had an argument about this one day afterschool.

"Hey why are you trying to steal Ulrich from me." she said to Yumi

"What!? Are you crazy? I'm not trying to steal him from you. In case you haven't noticed i have my own boyfriend i don't need him."Yumi said

"I don't care keep your hands away from him." she said then left angrily to go find Ulrich.

Odd and Ulrich were having a bit of an argument themselves."I want you to stop hitting on my girl." Odd said

"If anyone has to keep away from Yumi it's you." Ulrich said

"Why should i? Yumi's my girlfriend and i want you to keep away from her."

 "And what if i don't you f...." he was cut short because Odd just hit him hard in the face with his fist.Ulrich recovered and pushed Odd so hard he fell to the ground.then he got on him and started to hit him.they rolled around the ground hitting each other. but it didn't last too long because the teachers came and pulled the two apart.

Odd got a black eye and a sprained arm from hitting himself on a rock or something when Ulrich pushed him to the ground.Ulrich got a black eye as well as a bloody nose.

"You shouldn't have been fighting with him." Yumi said when he came over to her house and told her what had happened.

"Well it was his fault. He seems to like you now that we're dating."he said as she handed him a bag of ice to put on his eye.

"Don't worry about him.I've forgotten him and i love you Odd."

"I love you too Yumi." and he gave her a quck kiss on the lips. They were both silent for a moment then the phone rang and Yumi got up to answer it.She came back a few minutes later looking rather nervous.

 "Who was on the phone?"Odd asked with the bag of ice still on his eye.

 "Um nobody." she answered

 "You don't look so well.Are you okay Yumi?"He asked.

  "Yes i'm fine." she responded looking at the floor.

 "Ok.Well i have to get home.i'll call you later." he got up kissed her on the cheek and left.

  'What the heck does he want to talk about and why did i agree to meet him later anyways.' she thought when Odd had left.Ulrich had called her saying he wanted to talk.He said it was important.She really didn't want to talk to him but he wouldn't let her hang up.So she agreed to meet him later before dinner near the park.