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Chapter Five

Odd and Yumi

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Chapter Five: Jealousy

    Ulrich seemed to have just dispeared the past months since he'd beend with Sissi.This she made sure of. He had no clue of what was going on with his friends anymore.He had been at the park that same day and for some reason seeing Odd and Yumi kissing made him somewhat jealous.

    He had never felt anything but friendship for Yumi but seeing her with Odd just made him feel weird inside with much jealousy.The next day in school he looked for Odd early in the morning.He found him putting his books away in his locker.

"Hey Odd." he said

"Hey Ulrich. Long time no see." he said still putting his books away.

"Yeah i know. so how has everything been lately?Anything i should know?" Ulrich asked

"Nothing really."he answered

"How's Yumi?"

"Ok...Why?" this time he turned to look at him

"No reason really.I just saw you two together yesterday."

"Well yeah she's my girlfriend."

"Really? Since when?" he asked a bit of jealousy was forming inside him now.

"I just asked her yesterday."

"K.Well i'll see you later." he said and left

'Dating!How did that happen?' Ulrich thought as he left'He can't be dating her...Wait! why do i care? i have my own girlfriend.I shouldn't be jealous of them together but still why am i?'

(jealousy... such a hate full little thing)

"well that was weird conversation." Odd said to himself  "I wonder why he cares about how Yumi is now."

    It seemed that trouble would be rising in the next month.Ulrich got jealous every time he saw them together.He didn't know why he was jealous all of a sudden.He never really liked Yumi in that way before or that's what he thought.he knew Yumi had loved him but now it didn't matter she loved Odd and they were happy together.

  "Somebody getting jealous?" jeremie said one day when he saw Ulrich staring at Odd and Yumi together.

"What? No.I just....." He said

"Aha. Your jealous admit it."

"I am not."

"Have it your way." Jeremie the left him on his own.

Of course there was no denying that he was jealous no matter how many times he said he didn't. He knew there had to be a way to seperate them so he could have Yumi for himself.girlfriend or no girlfriend.