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Chapter Four

Odd and Yumi

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Chapter Four: To Say I Love You


       A few weeks had passed and every morning there was a rose waiting for her at her door. She longend to know who they were from.Odd of course never left any clue it was him but every morning at school he saw her with the rose he left for her that morning.After a while Odd thought it was time to finally tell Yumi that her loved her because now he was almost certain that she felt somthing for him.

        So one afternoon he left another rose for her this time with a note.Again he left it in front of her door,knocked then hid at the corner of the house.Yumi answered the door and picked up the rose along with its note and went inside.When she got inside she read the note and it said:

 'Please meet me at the park tonight at 6:30'

  It wasn't signed.

  "I wonder who keeps leaving these roses for me." she said "I guess i'll find out tonight"

  She looked at the clock it read 3:42. "I guess i'll have to wait a while then." she said then went upstairs to the living room. Her and Aelita were doing homework together this afternoon.

  "Who was at the door Yumi?" she asked when Yumi came back.

 "No one. but my secret admirer left another rose for me and a note this time."she handed the note to Aleita to read.

  Aelita read it then asked "So are you going to meet him tonight?"

"I guess so.I've been wondering who keeps leaving these roses." Yumi said "But what will I say when I meet him tonight, you know i love Odd."

 'If only you knew it was him leaving the roses' aelita thought to herself

 "I think you might be suprised when you find out who it is."Aleita said to Yumi "But lets not worry about that now you got around two hours to wait and we have to finish our homework."

 Then both continued to finish their homework but Yumi felt that Aelita knows more about this person that she's not saying.

 "So then your telling her tonight?"Jeremie asked. Odd and him we're talking in jeremie's room.

"Yup.I figure the sooner i tell her the better.and things are going so well between us latley i figured it was time." he said

"Well good luck then.What time are you meeting her?"

"6:30. he said then looked at his watch."Which leaves me only about half an hour. I'll see you later Jeremie."

"Bye Odd." he said as Odd ran out of the house.What Odd didn't know was that Jeremie and Aelita planned to go to the park and hid behind the trees as they talked.Just to see if everything went okay.

   Yumi was waiting at a bench for her mystery person to arrive. She saw many pass by but none were the one she was waiting for.A few minutes later an arm went around Yumi with a rose in hand.She turned around and saw Odd behind her smiling.

"Odd? What are you doing here?"she said suprised

"I told you to meet me here so i guess i have to be too." he responded.

"You mean your the one who's been leaving those roses for me?"

  "Yes. I love you Yumi.I just didn't know how to tell you before." he said putting the rose in her hand.

Yumi looked at the rose in her hand then at Odd. Then kissing him on the cheek she said "I love you too Odd."

He smiled and wrapped his arm around her pulling her closer to him for a kiss.

"Shh Jeremie!" Aelita said "I can't hear what they're saying.

"What it wasn't my fault that rock was there" he said

Aelita put a finger to her lip "Shh!" then turned around to see Odd and Yumi kissing.

"Looks like everything went ok." Jeremie said kneeling next to her and putting an arm around her shoulder.

"A happy ending for them after all." she said

At least that's what they thought now.