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Chapter One

Odd and Yumi

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Chapter One: Only A Kiss

      Yumi wasn't much the same since the day she saw Ulrich kissing Sissi in the back of the High School.  She didn't tell him about this but Jeremie and Odd knew. Ulrich and Sissi were together and it didn't make her happy because she loved Ulrich or did. She didn't know what she felt for him anymore but she did know there was no chance for them anymore.

       Since then she usually kept to herself and went home straight after school so she wouldn't have to talk or see Ulrich. Neither Odd or Jeremie could get her to come out much. Then one day after trying to get her to come out Odd just went in without knocking and said "Yumi you can't stay locked up all the time you need to see something other than these walls."

"Who said you could come in?" she yelled

"Come on.A walk will do you some good."he said ignoring her and grabbing her hand to pull her out of the house and outside.

       He didn't let go untill they were about a block away from her house. Odd had been in love with Yumi since they were 15 and didn't like to see her depressed.

"I'm out. Are you happy now?" she said and then turned to go back home but Odd grabbed her hand before she could leave.

"Let's go take a walk at the park for a while.You'll feel much better after you had some time away from your room."

"Fine." and they started to walk down the street to the park. They did'nt talk untill they got there and found a bench to sit on.

"So are you glad you came out now?" Odd asked "You haven't gone out the past few weeks."

"I guess so but it's not like you were going to leave me alone anyways."

"Well you right there.But i'm just wondering,is the fact that Ulrich and Sissi are together is why you've been locked in your room almost everyday?"

        Yumi didn't respond. She just stayed silent looking ahead at an older couple walking hand in hand.

"You still love Ulrich don't you?"

"yes......No.I don't know anymore. Since I saw him kissing Sissi and them now being together I just lost hope of me ever being with him." she said

"Don't let it get you down. You'll be able to find someone else." Odd said hoping it would be him.

"I hope you right Odd."

         They were silent once more untill Odd, wanting to do this from a while, leaned over and kissed Yumi on the lips. To his suprise she didn't pull back but instead wrapped her arms around his neck as his went around her waist. The kiss lasted a few moments before they pulled away. Yumi was blushing and she could,for some reason, feel butterflies in her stomach. Odd meanwhile was wondering why he had done that.

     'i shouldn't have done that but i just couldn't help myself' he thought 'but why did Yumi kiss me back?' even Yumi didn't know why. After a moment Yumi got up and said "I should probably get back home it's getting late." and she started to head back up the street to her home. Odd still sat there not moving for a minute the too got up and left for home. All that night all he could think about was Yumi like on most nights. He was wondering by morning whether he should tell her but the pushed that idea aside and decided to wait untill he knew if Yumi would love him back.