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Jazz's Ghost

Chapter Five: The Mission

      Danny woke up with a big headache in the morning. He got out of bed to go down to the kitchen for some asprin. He quickly went down stairs and found the asprin bottle, then filled a glass with water. He took the pill then went back upstairs to sleep again. As he did he noticed that the door to Jazz's room was open when Summer usually left it closed. Out of curiosity he peeked into the room.

"Summer?" he whispered looking around the room. The bed was not made and there were papers scattered on the floor but Summer wasn't there. "Wonder where she went." he headed back to his room and fell asleep.


"I know where i'm going, but why am I going back there?" Summer asked herself as she walked around the woods to the clearing where she and her friends used to meet. When she reached the clearing she saw what was left of the campfire they had made that night. It was mostly ashes and burnt up wood. She sat on one of the falt rocks they had used as seats.

She sat there awhile and memories of the times they were all together there seemed to come back into her mind. For a few seconds she thought she saw them all there with her laughing and having fun. But all that went away when she remembered the three guys that came with their guns and shot them all. She thought she heard the gun shots of that night as if it was happening right now. Tears started forming in her eyes.

"Why did this happen?" she asked."Why am I still here while my friends are buried in the ground?"

Summer got up and started walking through the path her and her friend had taken as they ran from the gunshots. The farther she walked, the more she remembered. She walked untill she came to the place where they died, where she died as well. Hidden among the bushes and around the trees where the bodies of the friends they had not yet found. But she was missing. Her body was gone.

"Where am I?" she asked falling to her knees.

"Summer." a voice said next to her.

She turned and saw her friend. Or at least her ghost it seemed.


"Don't be mad at yourself because your not with us like you think you should." Amber said "You were saved for a reason."

"What are you talking about? I shouldn't be here." Summer said to her as she started at the ground.

"Summer, you're suppose to help us all. Things just went a little wrong that's all." her friend said.

"I still don't understand you. Your the same dead as you were alive. No one can ever tell what you're really saying." she said

"And you were always complicated and still are." Amber said putting her hands on her hips.

XXXX Danny's Room XXXX

After sleeping for another hour or so Danny woke up again. This time with no headache. He was feeling hungry so he decided to go downstairs to the kitchen and find something to eat. As he went down the hall he passed Jazz's room again. The door was still open and no one was inside. The room was the same as when he had checked and hour ago. He guessed that Summer was probably downstairs in the kitchen eating. Thinking about that made him even hungrier.

Danny went into the kitchen and found his parents there eating but Summer was't there.

"Good morning. Where's Jazz?" he said sitting down at the table.

"I think she went out early this morning." his mother said "We're not sure because she wasn't in her room when we checked."

"Maybe she's out hunting ghost." his dad said

"I really doubt that." Danny said.

"I'm sure she'll be back soon. Your father and I are going out for a bit. Make sure to clean your room and take out the trash." his mother said kissing him on the forehead and going out of the kitchen.

"Keep an eye out for ghosts." his dad said leaving too.

As soon as he finished breakfast Danny started cleaning his room, then took the trash out as he was asked. Another hour passed and there was still no sign of Summer.

"Where is she?" he wondered no starting to get a bit worried.There was a knock on the door and he went to answer it. It was Sam and Tucker.

"Hey Danny." Sam said. "What's with the look on your face?"

"Summer's been gone for awhile. I don't know where she is, she didn't leave any note." he answered looking at the clock. It was now 9:45. Summer had gone early in the morning, about six he guessed and she still hadn't returned.

"I wouldn't worry. From what I know, Summer does this alot. She leaves for a few hours then usually comes back." Sam said

"Are you sure?" he asked

"Yeah. She'll be back soon, don't worry so much." she answered.

"Sam's probably right. Where ever she is she'll be back eventually. Now lets see if we can find Jazz." Tucker said.


After talking with her friend, who was now a ghost, Summer left the woods, her eyes just a little red. It was still hard for to understand what she now had to do but she knew she was going to have to try the best she could.About half an hour ago (A flashback I guess)

"Summer, you are being kept here because there is something you have to do for us all to leave." Amber said to her.

"You mean they're around here to?" Summer asked

"Yes. Somewhere around here and they will stay here untill you fufill the mission. So will you if you don't." she answered.

"So what do I have to do to leave?" Summer asked

"Well now, tow things. One is to help that boy Danny find his sister's ghost, who we suspect is trapped in one of our bodies or is some where around here. The second thing is to find our killers and make sure they pay for what they did to us." Amber answered

"In other words I have to help the police solve our case."

"Exactly." her friend answered

"So then what do I do when I find the ghost this body belongs to?" she asked

"Leave that part to me for now. You just worry about finding the killers."

After that Summer had left not quite knowing how she would find the killers when she couldn't remember what they looked like.

"I'll probably remember if I see then." she said to herself. Then like Danny the night before, Summer wasn't aware that someone had been watching her since she had reached the woods earlier.