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Jazz's Ghost
Chapter Four

Chapter Four: A New Feeling

       Danny lay on his bed thinking of a place where his sister's ghost might be. It had been three days since he started looking without any clues where she might be. That was if she was still around. As for Summer, she seemed to always be running off somewhere, with Sam usually going with her. His parents still thought she was Jazz and that she was acting so differently because of her amnesia. That it was making her think she was someone else.

Of course Danny knew the truth, and he thought it would be best not to tell his parents what was going on. After a few minutes Danny's eyes slowly started closing and he fell asleep.

"Hey Danny." a voice said as he slept "Danny, are you asleep?"

He opened his eyes to see Summer leaning over him. "Not anymore." he said sitting up in his bed.

"Good.There's a party downtown, let's go." Summer said pulling him off of his bed.

"Do I have to go?" he asked her as she pulled him down the stairs and out the door.

"I don't have anyone else to go with. Come on you'll have fun." she said

"I don't think my parents are going to be too happy about this." Danny said as he followed Summer down the street.


The party was loud and full of people that Danny didn't know, which made him alittle uncomfortable. But he guessed that Summer knew most of the people here since she seemed to be having more fun than he was. She kept talking with different people and enjoying herself. Danny just stood in a corner watching her and all the other people either dancing or drinking.

After awhile Summer came over to him and started pulling him to the middle of the room where everyone else was dancing.

"It's a party." she said "Your suppose to be enjoying yourself untill you get tired and collapse."

"I don't really feel like it. I think i'll head home and see you there later." Danny said ready to leave.

"I'm not letting you leave untill you dance and have fun here." she said grabbing his arm. A new song came on and she started to dance with some of the people. "Come on Danny, just dance a little. You'll have fun if you do."

Danny finally gave in after arguing with her for a few minutes and stayed. He started dancing with a couple of girls there and he did start having fun. He was almost disappointed when they had to leave around one-thirty in the morning. As they were walking home they stopped by Amity Park for a short while.

Summer sat in one of the benches looking up at the stars and the moon high above in the sky. Danny was sitting next to her. The two were silent for awhile and the only sound they heard were crickets in the grass and cars passing by.

"You miss her alot don't you?" Summer asked breaking the silence

"Who, Jazz?" he asked

"Yes, her." she said still looking up at the stars.

"Yeah, I guess I do. I only wish I could find her." Danny said

"Don't worry, you'll find her eventually. I've almost finished finding a way to switch her back into her body." Summer said

"What will happen to you?" he asked

"Don't know, I haven't figured that out yet. But I guess i'll either cross over or find another body to go into." she answered

Now, for some reason Danny felt almost sad that she would have to leave as soon as he found Jazz's ghost. He also felt bad that Summer would probably never be able to be with her family anymore and how much pain it was causing her parents that she was not with them any longer. He had already seen on the news that they were still looking for her and her some of her friends. On the news they said they had found the bodies of a few of them but at least three were still missing. It was pretty sad what was happening to her and Summer didn't really seem to care so much of what would happen to her when they found Jazz.

Inside Danny also had some other strange feelings he was not yet aware of but he would soon.

"Hey, it's getting late. We should probably get home before your parents get upset." Summer said as she got up from the bench.

"Your probably right." he said

They walked out of Amity park and started heading towards Danny's house silent again. A few minutes later they got there but before they went in Summer spoke.

"Thanks for coming with me Danny." she said

"Your welcome and you were right it was fun." he said

Summer smiled then kissed him on the cheek before going inside. Danny started to blush and he felt his heart skip a beat as he followed her inside the house, closing the door behind him. Unaware of a figure behind him on the other side of the street watching them. hidden in the darkness.


The next morning Summer woke up just as the sun was rising. She quickly got dressed as went silently down the stairs making as little noise as she possibly could so she would'nt wake anyone. She went into the kitchen for a glass of water then slowly walked to the front door. She opened it and stepped out then slowly closed. As soon as she was out, Summer started heading down the street not really knowing where she was going. It was as if a force was pulling her somewhere.

After walking around the town awhile she found herself near the woods. She looked around, not a person in sight, then stood staring at the woods a few seconds then slowly made her way in. She now knew where she was going.