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Jazz's Ghost

Chapter Three: Ghost Hunt

"So then how do we get Jazz back?" Danny asked

"Now that's the difficult part." Summer said

"What do you mean?" he asked

"Well since Jazz was dead when I entered her body, you'll have to find her spirit. That's if it hasn't crossed to the other side already." she said

"What happens if she has?" Tucker asked

"If she's already gone to the other side then it's going to be difficult to get her back and into her body." Sam said

"She's right. So I suggest you start searching now. It hasn't bee long since she died so her spirit could still be wandering around somewhere.Oh and good luck." Summer said.

"Aren't you going to help?" Danny asked

"Yeah but I have something else to do right now." she said walking out of the room. "You want to come with me Sam?"

"Sure." Sam said following her "If I were you i'd check the hospital.Good luck."

"Well Tuck, we better start looking." Danny said


Summer and Sam were walking quietly down the street looking for something to do when they passed a store with a large t.v at the window. Sam continued walking for a few seconds before she noticed that Summer wasn't with her anymore. She looked back to see Summer in front of the store window not moving.

"Hey Summer, what's wrong?" Sam asked standing next to her. She looked through the window and saw what had caught Summer's eye. The t.v was set on a news channel.

"The search for fifteen year old Summer O'Conner, who was reported missing Saturday two weeks ago, still continues. The police have found no clues as to the disappearence of the Miss O'Conner. If anyone has any information on what has happened to her please contact the studio. Here is a recent photo of the missing girl ."

A picture of Summer appeared on the screen next to the reporter. In the picture Summer was wearing a white tank top, a black mini skirt, black boots and was wearing a black leather jacket. Her hair was long, curly and brown, her eyes were honey colored.

"Didn't really think they cared that much. Yesh, they could have at least chosen a better photo." Summer said walking away from the window.

"Well what did you expect? Two weeks is a long time to be away from home, even for you Summer." Sam said following her.

"I guess your right, but i'm stuck here in another persons body and I can't even go back home if I wanted to." she said

"What really happened that night you disappeared?" Sam asked her

"Well, I guess I can tell you since your pretty much my friend. But lets go to the park first. We can talk better there." Summer said heading towards Amity park.

XXXX Other Side Of Town XXXX

"Any luck?" Tucker asked

"Nope. How about you?" Danny said

"Me either. I didn't think this was going to be this hard." Tucker said

"Neither did I." Danny said thinking for a moment."What did Sam tell us to do?"

"I think she said something about going to the hospital." Tucker asnwered.

"Worth a shot." Danny said flying towards the hospital with Tucker running just below him.

It had been about half an hour since they had started searching for Jazz's ghost without much luck. Danny was starting to think that he might never find his sister and he would be stuck with Summer. Not that being stuck with Summer was so bad. He just wanted his sister back.

When they got to the hospital Danny turned invisible and started searching. After searching the hospital about three times he went back outside where Tuckker was waiting for him.

"Did you find her?" Tucker asked

"No. I searched the hospital three times but I didn't see any sighn of a ghost there. Maybe we came to late." Danny said landing on the ground.

"You can't give up that easily. Let's go find Sam and Summer."


Back at the park Sam and Summer were sitting on a bench. Sam was listening as Summer told her, from what little she remembered, about the events of the night she died.

"Well every Saturday night me and my friends meet in a speacial clearing in the woods. My mom didn't want to let me go out because she was having some friends over, so I just snuck out of the house when no one was looking. " Summer said "We made a campfire and started talking about anything we could think of. For awhile, everthing was okay. Then three guys appeared out of nowhere with guns in their hands and started shooting at us. We all ran scattering into the woods.

'Me and my friend Amber ran as fast as we could. I heard another gun shot and a sream from behind me. I looked back and Amber was lying on the ground. She was shot in the back twice. I didn't know what to do, the guns shot seemed to have stopped, so I went back to see how she was doing." Summer stopped for a moment, remembering what happened afterwards "She was all covered in blood, I looked around to see if anyone of my other friends was around to help me get her to a hospital. I saw two other of my friends, Michael and Randy, leaning against a nearby tree. They had been shot too.

'I started walking towards them and then I heard gun shots again. I felt a bullet go right past my ear. Then a pain in my chest and that's as far as I can remember. I guess I died after that."

"I can't belive something like that happened to you and your friends.Do you think any of them made out okay?" Sam asked once Summer finished telling her story.

"Who knows?Probably not or else they wouldn't still be looking for me.They all must have been shot and they're probably all dead like I should still be." Summer said staring at the ground.

Sam saw a few tears fall from Summer's eyes, to the ground. She put an arm around her shoulder to comfort her. Summer slowly lifted her head up while wiping the last few tears from her eyes.

"I'm starting to get hungry. Lets go get something to eat." Summer said getting up.

"Okay but lets find Danny and Tucker first so they can join us." Sam said as they started to walk out of the park, unaware of someone who was listening to them among the bushes.