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Jazz's Ghost



Chapter One: Car Crash

     Danny sat by his Jazz's hospital bed. She had been in a coma the past week due to the accident she had survived a few days ago. He waved a hand over her face hoping it would wake her up but unfortunantly Jazz remained motionless, still breathing. All week Danny had been blaming himself for what happened to Jazz, wondering why he didn't do anything to save her while he had the chance.

XXXX Saturday Afternoon, the week before XXXX

Jazz was waiting outside the theater for Danny to come out. He was still inside watching a movie that was already going to finish. A few minutes later Jazz spotted Danny with Sam and Tucker walking out of the theater among the crowd of people there was that day.

"Hey Danny!" she called waving a hand in the air so he would be able to know where she was.

"Hey Jazz." he said

"So did you enjoy the movie?" Jazz asked

"Yeah, lots." Danny answered smiling. He actually hadn't had a chance to watch the whole movie because of a ghost that had appeared. By the time he finished fighting the ghost and trapping it in the Fenton Thermose, it was only five minutes untill the movie was done.

"Good. Now wait here while I go get the car." Jazz said as she looked up and down the street before she crossed.

Danny watched as she crossed the street, then he heard the motor of a car. He looked down the street to see a red car coming fast up the street. He looked back at Jazz, she was barley starting to cross the street and Danny had a feeling that at the speed the car as going, Jazz wouldn't make it across to her car in time.

"Jazz!Wait!" he said, but it was too late. Jazz turned, and as she did, she was hit by the car.

XXXX Two Day's After That XXXXX

The doctor's did everything they could but Jazz died two days later. Just as they were about to tell Danny's parents, a wisp of blue came out of his mouth. Danny looked around to see a the ghost of a girl flying into Jazz's room. He followed it and as he entered the room, the ghost entered Jazz's body. The doctor didn't seem to notice the ghost girl but he did notice that the flat line on the monitor was no longer flat. The doctor checked Jazz's pulse.

"It's a miracle. She's alive." he said

"Is she going to be okay?" Danny's mother asked

"I'm not sure. She's alive but she won't wake up. My guess is that she's entered into a coma." the doctor said "Right now we'll just have to hope that she'll wake up."

XXXX Back To Present XXXX

Since then, Danny spent all the time he could next to Jazz wondering who the ghost girl that was still in Jazz's body was. Since Jazz was said to be in a coma he couldn't talk to the ghost or enter Jazz's body to get it out. He tried but every time he did he was kicked out of Jazz's body.

Danny waved his hand over Jazz's face one more time. But no luck. Jazz still remained in her coma.

"Jazz, please wake up." Danny said holding her hand in his "Jazz."

Then, as if answering his call, Jazz's eyes slowly started to open.

"Mom!Dad!Come quick, Jazz is waking up!" he yelled. A few seconds later his parents and the doctor ran into the room. Jazz's eyes kept opening and closing as if trying to decide whether to stay in the coma or wake up.