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Red Rose, Spinning

Cartoon FanFictions

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As you can possibly tell, we mostly write Anime FanFiction but we are working on more Cartoon Fics which we hope to soon put up. If you have any stories of your own that you would like for us to put on our site , then please read the note on the way bottom of this page.
-Rose Petal

bluestar.gif (7785 bytes)Danny Phantom:

Jazz's Ghost

A Feeling I Hide

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The Graphics You See On This Page and On Any Other Pages I might Have Them On Were Done By Ice Dream.

Ice Dream's Picture Palace

 If you would like us to post some of your stories on our site, or if you have any story ideas for us. Then please e-mail us at Or put some thing in the guest book for us. We are some times busy with school work but we will contact you as soon as possible. Most likely on Friday or the weekend.

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