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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter One: Wedding Plans

Keitaro watched as the girls flipped through the channels on t.v for about the hundreth time. Every other channel was of some famous person getting married. The girls would watch the channel for a few minutes then change it and do the same again with a diffrent one. He had a feeling they were doing this on purpose.

"Why don't you girls do something else if you can't find anything to watch?" Keitaro said after awhile.

"Like what?" Kitsune asked

"You can help me test my new invention." Kaolla said

"Maybe later Su." Naru said as she flipped through the channels again.

"Hey I have an idea." Shinobu said "Why don't we have like a fake wedding?"

"Isn't that like a kids game?" Kitsune said

"Yeah lets have a wedding." Kaolla said jumping up from her seat "What's a wedding?"

"It where two people get married." Naru answered her "And I think it a great idea. Alot of famous people are having them so why not have one of our own?fake though."

"I used to like to play that when I was little." Shinobu said. "But who will be the bride and groom."

"I've got nothing better to do. I can be the bride." Kitsune said. She had a bottle of sake in her hand.

"Just how drunk are you?" Naru asked her

"Who will be the groom?" Shinobu asked

"I will! I will!" Kaolla said jumping up and down.

"You can be the one who marries them." Naru said

"Then who will be the groom?" Kaolla asked

They all turned their heads to Keitaro who was listening to their conversation not saying anything. He was still staring at the t.v when they started looking at him strangley.

"Why are you all looking at me like that?" Keitaro said backing away a bit.


In an hour the girls had the livingroom fixed up for wedding. Motoko came back from training to find the livingroom decorated with flowers and ribbons. Everyone was running around the house all dressed up. She went into the kitchen where Shinobu was cooking dinner for after their fake wedding.

"What's going on here?" Motoko asked her.

"We're having a wedding!!" Kaolla said,poping up from out of nowhere.

"Who's getting married?" she asked

"Kitsune and Keitaro." Kaolla said happily.


"It's a fake wedding Motoko." Shinobu said. "Don't worry."

"Couldn't you have found someone else other that Keitaro and Kitsune for the wedding?" Motoko asked. She thought those two were too much of and odd couple. That and she wished she could have been here earlier so she could have been the bride.

"Maybe but Kitsune voluntered. Though I think only because she's been drinking. And they pretty much didn't give Keitaro a choice." Shinobu answered

"Hurry up everyone. The wedding is going to start in five minutes." Naru called from somewhere in the house.

The three of them went to the livingroom. Mutsumi and Naru had gotten Keitaro to wear a tuxedo jacket and some nice pants to go with it. Both the girls were wearing matching light blue dresses and had some flowers in their hands. Motoko guessed they were the bridesmades.

"Her Motoko." Naru said handing her some flowers "You can be maid of honour."

"Do I have to?" She asked

"Well we do have another blue dress upstairs if you want to be a bridesmaid instead."

"Fine i'll be maid of honour." Motoko said taking the flowers. She really didn't want to have to wear a dress.

"Is everybody ready then?" Shinobu called from upstairs.

"Yes." Naru said "Start coming down when you hear the music and becareful Kitsune doesn't fall down the steps."


Kaolla came out with a book in her hand and put it on the table they had put in the living room and covered with a table cloth as an alter or something. There was also a small radio on the table. Su pressed a button and music started playing. They all looked at the stairs as Shinobu was coming down the stairs with a green dress on and a basket of flowers in her hand. She started throwing them around and Kaolla jumped around trying to catch some untill Naru told her to go back to the table.

Behind her came Kitsune wearing a short white skirt and a white button top. She had some flowers in her hands and was going down the stairs slowly trying not to fall since she could barley see the steps.

"I probably shouldn't have drank too much before this thing started." she thought to herself as she came down the last steps and stood next to Keitaro in front of the table.

As soon as she was there, Kaolla opened the book to the middle of it.

"Do you, Mitsune, take Keitaro to be you husband?" Kaolla asked

"huh... oh yeah whatever." She said

"You have say 'I do." Kaolla said

"I do. Now hurry up before I puke." Kitsune said. She was starting to get a little sick.

"Okay then. Do you Keitaro take Mitsune to be your wife?"


Naru slapped him on he back of the head. "Say it!"

"Okay. I do." he said rubbing the back of his head.

"Then I now pronounce you husban and wife. You can kiss Kitsune now Keitaro." Kaolla said happily closing the book.

"What?" Keitaro said

"You have to. It's part of the wedding." Kaolla said

"Um okay." he looked at Kitsune who still looked a little drunk.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Naru said

Kitsune kissed Keitaro quickly on the lips then ran to the bathroom to throw up. As she was leaving Su started throwing flower petals happily from Shinobu's basket.

"What a beautiful ceremony." Mutsumi said wiping tears from her eyes with a tissue. "So where are you going on you honeymoon?"

"It wasn't a real wedding Mutsumi. They're not going anywhere." Naru said

"You mean it wasn't suppose to be real?" Kaolla said as she stopped throwing petals and looked at Naru. "Oopsies."

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