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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter Eight: Final Decison

     Keitaro found Mitsune sitting on a bench, watching the lake. He sat down next to her and both stayed silent for quite a while.

"Been a strange month hasn't it?" he said breaking the silence.

"I guess so." Mitsune said, she was waiting for him to tell her what he decided before she said anything else.

"Did you decide what to do?" he asked

"Yes I did. Have you?"

"Yes and before you tell me what you decided I just want to say," he started "I love you Kitsune. And I want to stay with you.I really do."

That was what she had been waiting to hear but she couldn't bring herself to say the same to him. She still wondered how everyone would react espeacially Naru and Motoko, who both loved Keitaro. Then she remembered what Eve had told her in her dream.


"They've been gone awhile. What do you think happened?" Naru asked as she looked through the window.

"Don't worry about that. When they come back one of them will tell us." Haruka said "Now shouldn't you be in your room studying?"

"Fine. But tell me when they get back." she said as she headed up the stairs to her room. As much as she wanted her friend to be happy, Naru was really hoping that it wouldn't work out for the two. She knew it wasn't right but she just couldn't help it. Meanwhile everyone else was anxious to know what would happen as well. Most of them stayed waiting in the livingroom for the two to return.


"Mitsune?" Keitaro said putting a hand on her shoulder. Kitsune was still thinking of what to say and even though she already knew what her answer was, she still couldn't bring herself to say yet.

"Mitsune?" Keitaro said again. Mitsune brough her head up and looked at him, tears barely forming in her eyes.

"I love you, Keitaro." she whispered with a smile on her face. When she said those words, Keitaro smiled too.

The past month, everyone was very busy. Anxious for the day to finally arrive and finally, it came. The hinata had been decorated beautifully with flowers and ribbons by all the girls. They invited the friends and family they had to the celebration to come and celebrate this happy day. The all sat on chairs around the law and Keitaro stood in front, a real priest there with him. The girls stood on the other side all wearing very light purple dresses. Slowly the music started to play and all stood as the bride came down the aisle, a beautiful white dress and flowers in her hair.

Everyone smiled as she reached the altar and stood next to Keitaro. The two smiled at each other and just before the priest began the ceremony, they both said 'I love you' to each other and held hands. Sitting high in a tree with a full view of the whole place, and unknown to everyone, sat Eve wearing a light blue gown and wings on her back.

She smiled at the happy couple, then to herself she said "Such a wonderful thing that they both were able to choose what made them both the happiest and let them always live happily together." She listened quietly to the rest of the ceremony, then disappeared as Keitaro and Mitsune kissed, now starting a whole new life together.

The End

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