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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter Seven: Imagination / Dream

   After a few bottles of sake, Kitsune fell alseep,or passed out at it seemed. She awoke a few hours later, still feeling a bit tired.

"About time you woke up Mitsune." she heard a voice say. Mitsune looked around her room and found a girl with wings, sitting quietly on her windowsill.

"Who are you?" Mitsune asked

"A vision of your drunken imagination. But you can call me Eve." Eve said

"Okay. So then what do you want?" Mitsune asked her.

"Nothing really. I'm just supposed to help you make your decison." the girl responded.

"How? If I can't do it on my own what makes you think with your help it'll be any easier?" Mitsune said falling back into her bed and pulling the blanket over her head.

"I don't think there's any way to make it easier. That's why it's called a decision. There aren't easy ways to choose." Eve said "But if you really want to know. I think you should do whatever makes you happiest."

"What about everyone else?" Kitsune asked from under the covers.

"Don't worry about everyone else. Whatever you choose they'll get over after awhile. But you shouldn't pass up your happiness for others who can find it another way later.Whatever you choose now will change the way your future will come."

"So then what do I do?" she asked popping her head up from under the covers.

"Listen to your heart. And after you wake up from this, you can tell everyone else what your choice is." Eve answered her. Then as mysteriously as Eve had appeared, she vanished right before Kitsune eyes. Kitsune felt her head drop back onto her pillow, then slowly she closed her eyes.

When she woke up again from what seemed to have been only two minutes of sleep, Kitsune found that it was already dark outside. The moon was out and the stars were shining brightly high above in the sky. She looked at her clock, it read 12:45. Now Mitsune wondered if that girl was only part of her dream, but what her name was, she could no longer remember.

"Well at least she was somewhat helpful." Mitsune said to herself before she fell back to sleep. In the morning she would talk with Keitaro. She made her decision and hoped that both made the same one. But it was only a hope.

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