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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter Six: Days After

      After their first date, Keitaro and Mitsune went on many more. The more they were together the closer they got. Everyone at the Hinata seemed to notice a change in the two. They thought maybe they would stay together after the month was over. Some accepted this and others not so well. Naru was one of them.

Even though she knew that the two were in love she couldn't help but feel just a little jealous when she saw them together. That was mostly because she still loved Keitaro, her feelings hadn't changed but it didn't mean that she wasn't happy for her friend.

"I'm just going to have to learn to forget him." Naru said to herself as she cleaned her room. "They're in love and they want to be together, so there isn't much to do about it." she continued to clean.

"I just wish I wouldn't get jealous everytime I see them together. It's making it hard for me to live her with them. But I can't leave." she said "I have to face whatever problems I have here." As she continued to clean, she found the little folded up note that Naru2 had given her. She hadn't opened it yet and she wondered if she should.


Mitsune sat in her room with a bottle of sake next to her thinking(her not the bottle). There was only two weeks left in the month and she had to decide what to do. Did she really want to stay with Keitaro or not? That was the question that seemed to always be in her head and she always had a hard time answering it. She wasn't yet sure of what she felt for him or what he felt for her. Mitsune also knew that this was causing problems with her friends as well.

She knew Naru still loved him and that she was jealous of them together. Often she did think of leaving and letting Naru or one of the other girls have him but she knew she couldn't do that. It would just cause more pain for all of them which is something she didn't want to do.

"So then what do I do?" she wondered, taking a drink from the sake bottle.


Meanwhile Keitaro was doing the same, thinking about what to do. He was starting to love Mitsune but half of him still loved Naru. He knew there was no way to keep them both and that in two weeks he would have to choose one or the other. Keitaro knew which ever he chose, one would end up possibly heartbroken and most likely beat him up. The more he thought of this, the harder it was for him to decide.

"There's just so much to like about them both." he thought "How is it even possible to choose?" he sighed and decided maybe a walk would help him think more clearly on what he should do. Keitaro put on his jacket and went outside. How long he walked or where he walked, he didn't know. He just kept walking barely paying attention to where he was going. Because of that he ended up triping over a rock and crashing into a girl on her way back home with a bag of groceries in her hands, causing the two to fall to the ground.

"Hey buddy! Watch where your going." she said as she got up to pick up the groceries that had fallen to the floor.

"I'm sorry about that." Keitaro said "Let me help you." he helped the girl finishing putting the last of the groceries back into the bag from which they had fallen from.

"Thank you, and next time please try to pay attention to what your doing." she said.

"Yeah, i'm sorry about that." he said

"That's okay." the girl said "You look troubled. Want to talk?"

" But I don't even know you." Keitaro said. "I don't want to trouble you."

"My names Eve." Eve said "It's no trouble at all. I like to help people."

"Well, um.... okay." he said and started telling her about his problem. Even though she was still a stranger to him, he felt he could trust her.

"Choosing between two people you love is pretty hard to do." Eve said "Though what I suggest to you, is listen to your heart. What does it tell? Trust me it works on most situations like this. Your heart will always be the one that helps you decide what to do because it knows what will make you the happiest."

"Thanks Eve." he said

"No problem. If you ever need to talk to someone, i'm always by the lake in the afternoons. Bye." she said and started heading down the road to her home.

"Bye." he said waving to her. He continued walking in the other direction untill he came to a bench where he decided maybe Eve's advice could help him, he hoped.

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