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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter Five: A First Real Date

   Life sometimes has a weird way of working.Like for the people living at the hinata such as Keitaro and Mitsune as you can now see. They didn't think that this so called fake wedding would have any effect on their lives but due to the misunderstanding on Su's part it has changed the lives of pretty much everyone there. Some for the good others.....well you've read so you pretty much know the whole deal. Now lets see how they are doing at the moment. Hopefully okay.


"So where are you two going tonight?" Naru asked suprised when Mitsune told her of her date with Keitaro tonight.

"Not sure. He hasn't told me yet." Mitsune said as she looked through her closet for something to wear.

"Well I hope you two have fun." Naru said as she closed the door.

"I hope so too." Mitsune said as the door closed. She finally chose something to wear after searching her closet the fifth time. She chose short navy blue dress with a white belt.

"Perfect." she said looking at herself in the mirror when she finished getting dressed.

"You look great." Shinobu said coming into the room.

"Thank you." Mitsune said

"Keitaro is waiting for you downstairs." Shinobu told her

"Tell him i'll be right down." she said. Shinobu said okay and went back downstairs to Keitaro.

"Keitaro, she said she'd be right down." Shinobu said to him

"Thanks Shinobu." he said. A few minutes later Mitsune came down the stairs.

"You look beautifull Kitsune." he said handing her a rose.

"Your so sweet." she said "So where are we going?"

"That's a suprise."

"If you say so."

Keitaro had her close her eyes as they went to the back of the Hinata. After a few minutes they stopped walking and Keitaro let her open her eyes. When Kitsune opened her eyes she saw a table with candles, plates and silverware. Su was there dressed in a red and black dress with some cloth over one of her hands. As you may have already guessed she's pretty much the waiter.

"Wow, this is great Keitaro." Mitsune said.

"Your my wife and I wanted this night to be speacial." Keitaro said. Mitsune didn't know what to say. It was the first time Keitaro had called her his wife and she was happy he did.

"Are you two going to sit down anytime soon?" Su said. She was tired of standing around waiting for them to show up. She was helping out mostly because she felt sorry about what happened but seeing that something good came out of it didn't make her feel so bad anymore.

Keitaro and Mitsune sat down at the table across from each other. Kaolla lit the candles and left to go get their dinner which Shinobu had offered to cook. Both Kaolla and Shinobu came back with a plate and glass in each hand.

"I hope you two enjoy your dinner." Shinobu said "I'll bring your desserts later. " then both her and Kaolla went back inside.

Mitsune and Keitaro started to slienlty eat their dinner when they left. So far everything was going okay and neither noticed that they were being watched.


"I guess it's all for the best." Naru said watching them with Motoko from the roof.

"I guess so. I just wonder how long it will last." Motoko said

"Who knows. But it's beautifull how they fell in love not expecting it. I wonder if tonight they'll confess." Naru said.

"You never know when to expect love. It's just the way it it I guess. I hope they'll be happy." Motoko said walking to the other side of the roof. Naru followed her.

"And I thought when I saw him kissing you that the two of you were together." Naru said to her.

"I only with it was." Motoko said with a sigh as they got down from the roof.


"I wonder if they'll get married." Kaolla said to Shinobu as they watched the couple from the window.

"But they're already married." Shinobu told her

"I know but that was suppose to be just a game. I mean them getting married because they both want to." Kaolla said

"Maybe. They have a month to decide if they will stay together or not. I hope they will. They look so cute together." Shinobu said

"Yeah but they are one strange couple." Haruka said sitting next to the window "But it's their lives so it doesn't matter so much."

"Don't you wish to get married some day Haruka?" Kaolla asked

"Someday maybe but i'm not worrying so much about that now." Haruka answered looking out the window.


Keitaro and Mitsune finished eating their dinner and were now talking together.

"So did you enjoy dinner?" Keitaro asked her

"Yes, it was great. But you didn't have to go through so much trouble." Mitsune answered

"I wasn't any trouble and I wanted to do this for you." Keitaro said

"How about we go for a short walk?" Kitsune suggested getting up.

"Okay." Keitaro said.

The two walked silently together for a few minutes before they stopped and sat at the bottom steps to the Hinata. They sat there silently looking up at the sky before either of them spoke.

"I had a really great time tonight, Keitaro." Mitsune said

"I was hoping you would." Keitaro said looking into her eyes

"I hope we can do this again sometime."

"You really want to?" Keitaro asked

"Of course I do or else I wouldn't have said." Mitsune said smiling. Keitaro smiled at her too. He leaned in closer to her untill there lips met in what seemed to be a never ending kiss.