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Fake Wedding?

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 Chapter Four: Confessions and Broken Hearts

"I have to tell him. I will." Motoko kept saying to herself all day. "Maybe i'll still have a chance." she really hoped so.   Motoko thought that maybe it was time to tell Keitaro how she felt about him and if he rejected her then she could continue to beat him up.Either way she knew she would. Unfortunantly she wasn't the only one who was jealous of Keitaro and Mitsune together.

"Why do I get so upset seeing them together?" Naru asked herself as she stared out the window at Keitaro and Mitsune outside talking together. They seemed to be enjoying each other's company.

"You jealous because you love him." a voice said.

Naru jumped up startled and looked around the room.

"Hey who said that?" she said

"Down here." the voice said.

Naru looked down at her desk and saw a small figure that looked like her, alking back and forth on her desk.

"Who are you?" Naru asked staring at the figure.

"The tooth fairy. Who do you think? I'm your thoughts." the figure said

Naru looked at her confused. The figure sighed.

"I'm suppose to be your thoughts. Whatever you think or feel I know. What ever happens to you i know because i'm you." she said " You may call me Naru2."

"Okay, then aren't you supposed to be in my head then." Naru asked

"Too stuffy in there." Naru2 said picking up a pencil almost her height. "Your mind right now is just a little over crowded with you thoughts. Mostly jealousy."

"Are you saying i'm jealous of those two together?"

"What did I say in the first place?" she muttered "Your pretty much jealous of anyone with Keitaro that's not you. And your jealousy is bigger now that Kitsune has him and that their both getting closer. Your afraid to tell him you love him but you have to or you'll never get your head cleared up and i'll never get enough sleep."

"I'm not going to tell him anything.If he wants to be with her then he can. don't care." Naru said. She looked out the window at the two and felt as if her heart was being taken out.

"I'm your thoughts remember. You can't lie to me because I'll know and right now I know you do. Seeing then together is eating you up inside.Now either tell him or i'll get into your brain and make you." Naru2 said

"You can't do that," Naru said looking at her "Can you?"

"Well lets just see." she answered

"But what if he doesn't love me back?" Naru saud silently

"It's not the worse that can happen and you'll have it finally out of your system. Trust me you'll feel better when you finally tell him." Naru2 said finding a blank paper and writing something on it.

"What's the worse that can happen then?" Naru asked as she watched her write on the paper.

"I'll tell you when I decide to remember." she answered folding up the paper into a small heart and handing it to Naru. "Don't open it untill after you tell him."

"Okay." Naru said looking at the folded paper mysteriously.

"Well I have to go, and don't worry i'll be here to help out." Naru2 said and slowly disappeared.

"Naru? Naru dinner is ready. Wake up." Shinobu said shaking her awake.

"Huh? Oh i'll be right there." She said "It was just a dream."

"What?" Shinobu said closing the door

"Nothing." Naru said. She felt something in her hand. She opened her hand and there was the folded paper Naru2 had given her. "Maybe it wasn't. But i know i have to do something now."


Motoko sat quietly on the roof that night waiting for Keitaro to show up. She had left him a note earlier to meet her up here after dinner. In her heart she was hoping it would go okay but in her mind she knew it probably wouldn't be how she wanted it. But either way she knew it wouldn't be the end of her.

"Motoko?" Keitaro said nervously walking up to her "You wanted me to meet you up here right? Is something wrong?"

"Sit down." she said quietly.

Keitaro nodded and sat next to her wondering what she would want to talk to him about.

"Keitaro, do you love Mitsune?" Motoko asked him

"i hadn't really thought about it but I guess being with her the past few weeks i've started to feel more than friendship for her." Keitaro answered.

Motoko felt her heart being pierced by another dagger again when he answered. "I knew this would happen." she thought.

"Since the first time I met you I thought I hated you. That's why i came after you with my sword all the time but I soon realized it was something different than that." she turned to look at him "I love you Keitaro."

Motoko kissed him lightly on the lips. She felt him return the kiss but it made her push him away for some reason. She knew already that he didn't love her, he loved Kitsune but he just wasn't so sure and she knew that Kitsune loved him back but hadn't realized it yet.

"I hope you and Kitsune are happy together." Motoko said jumping of the roof and going back inside the house.

Keitaro sat there silently for a moment wishing this all hadn't happened. He knew this was hard for someone like Motoko to admit and since he didn't love her back, she was a little heartbroken. He got down from the roof and turned as he heard footsteps running away but he wasn't able to see who it was.


"I thought he loved Kitsune but I guess I was wrong. He's just playing around with both of them." Naru said as she ran back into her room. Naru had been looking for Keitaro but when she did he was kissing Motoko. She felt her heart be ripped out and ran back into the house before he could see her.

Now it didn't really matter to her if he found out she loved him or not. It didn't matter because she knew he loved someone else. She lost her chance but she wasn't going to let it get to her. Naru knew had to be happy for her friend even if she had the man that she loved.


"Kitsune....Do I really love her the way I think I do?" Keitaro asked himself "The past few weeks with her have been weird. We've gotten much closer than we were before, though she's still taking my money. She is beautiful and i'm happy being with her but do I really love her or do I love Naru?"

"Keitaro, are you okay?" Mitsune asked sitting next to him on the sofa. She had a bottle of sake in her hand.

"Yeah, i'm fine." he answered.He was starting to get some weird feelings inside as she sat next to him. "Maybe I do love her." he thought.

"Why does my heartbeat get quicker when i'm around him or when I talk to him?" Kitsune thought as she drank some sake "Is it possible these past few weeks i've fallen in love with him? Nah it couldn't be. Then again..."

"Hey Kitsune. Do you want to go out tomorrow night?" Keitaro asked bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Sure i'd love too." she answered "Maybe it is love."

"Okay. Well i'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow." He said getting up and going upstairs.

"It is." she said softly as she watched him go upstairs. She was about to take another drink from her sake bottle when she noticed it wasn't there anymore.

"Hey!Where'd my sake go?" Mitsune said. She heard Keitaro laughing from the top of the stairs. "I think this is going to work out just fine."

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