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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter Three: Midnight Kiss

Keitaro walked around the town trying to catch up to Kitsune who at every corner seemed to vanish then reappear a block behind him.

"So what did you need to get from town Kitsune?" Keitaro asked catching up to him.

"Don't know. Naru said something about groceries but I need to buy more sake." she said going into one of the shops. Keitaro went in after her. He looked around the shop but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Kitsune? Where are you?" he said

"Over here Keitaro." He heard her call from the way back of the shop. "How did she get there so quick." he wondered.

Keitaro went to the back of the shop but instead of finding Kitsune he found Kaolla dressed in a blue kimono with flowers on it.

"Where did Kitsune go?" he asked her

"I don't know.haven't seen her yet." she said taking a remote from behind her kimono. "But my new robot is here. Say hi."

He turned around and there was the robotic dinosaur she was terrorizing him with earlier but it looked a little bigger. The robot opened its mouth and started firing at him. Su watched happily as Keitaro ran all over the store getting burned as he was being chased.

"Su, where did Keitaro go?" Kitsune asked as she came out from behind a curtain dressed in a kimono and a bottle of sake in her hands.

"Playing with the dinosaur." she said as she watched Keitaro run outside. She stopped her robot and picked it up. "Now he's outside."

"Well i'm going back to get dressed." Mitsune said going back to behind the curtain with a now empty bottle of sake. She came back out a few minutes later with another bottle in her hand and a bag with another three inside. Mitsune went outside to find Keitaro breathing deeply leaning against a building. His clothes were singed.

"Why does she always test her inventions on me?" he said to himself

"Because it's fun to watch." Su said hanging from the roof of the building.

"I thought you went home." he said

"I did. But now i'm back." she said happily jumping onto his shoulders.

"Oh great." he said falling down.

"Hi Kitsune." Su said "Can we go home now? Keitaro's no fun anymore."

"Sure,i'm finished with my shopping." Kitsune said. They started walking back to the Hinata but the Mitsune suddenly.

"Oh that's right. We forgot Keitaro." she said heading back. Keitaro was lying on the ground barley consious. She pulled him by the collar and dragged to the steps of the Hinata. She left him at the bottom of the steps and went up. Su was already inside. Kitsune went to the top then looked down at Keitaro still at the bottom of the steps.

She finished drinking a bottle of sake and threw it down. The bottle landed on Keitaro's head causing him to jump up.

"Hurry up." she said and went inside.

Kitsune went up to her room passing Keitaro's where Su looking around making a mess. She didn't bother to stop her and went into her own room to finish drinking the remaing bottles of sake she had. She passed out sometime later and when she woke the sun was going down. The first thing she did was run to the bathroom and throw up.

When she came back to her room Naru was there sitting on her bed.

"Hi Naru." Kitsune said to her

"Hi Kitsune. I found a lawyer to divorce you and Keitaro. The only thing is he won't be available for another three months or so." Naru said

"I don't mind really. Three months is okay."Kitsune said. For some reason she felt sad about this and she had been hoping the past week that Naru wouldn't find anyone.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Keitaro woke up in the middle of the night. To his suprise Mitsune wasn't there in his bed. He looks around his room and see's that his door is open when he knew he closed it before going to bed. He slowly crept out of his room into the hall. He saw someone walk down the hall and down the stairs. Curious he follows. When he gets downstairs he sees the figure sitting on the couch. As he gets closer he sees that it's Mitsune. She was leaning on the couch with her head in her hands facing the other direction.

"Mitsune?" he said quietly

"I couldn't sleep." she said

"Are you feeling sick?" He asks.

"No.I'm fine." she turns to look at him."Here. Come sit with me."

Keitaro walks slowly to the couch and sits down next to her. He sees that Kitsune was looking out the window at the stars. He starts to look out the window and feels Kitsune lay her head on his shoulder for a moment then look at him. He looks at her too deep into her eyes. He slowly leans in closer to her and she does the same untill their lips meet in a short but sweet kiss.

Keitaro and Mitsune both look away from each other blushing. They heard a sound and looked up. There was someone watching them from the top of the stairs. Before they could see who it was she disappeared. They didn't bother to look for whoever it was but just went to bed in their own rooms. When Keitaro went into his room he found someone already asleep in it. It was Kaolla. He sighed and got an extra blanket and pillow from his closet and fell asleep next to his bed.    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Keitaro woke up the next morning feeling someone sleeping next to him. It was Kitsune and she had an arm wrapped around Keitaro. He gently moved her hand away so he could get up. As soon as he did she woke up.

"Mornin' Keitaro." she said yawning

"Morning Mitsune. I thought you went to sleep in you room." he said

"I did. But i got cold so I came here. Your rooms much warmer." Kitsune said. This was actually just an excuse that Keitaro just bought. She actually didn't know what she was doing in his room this morning. All she remembered was thinking about the kiss she and Keitaro had and fell asleep.  There was a knock on Keitaro's door. It opened and there was Shinobu.

"Good morning Keitaro. Good morning Mitsune.Breakfast is ready." she said looking at them both.

"We'll be down in a minute." Keitaro said. Shinobu nodded and left.   Kitsune got up and went to the door still a little sleepy.

"I'm going to get dressed in my room. Meet you downstairs." She said starting to head out the door but stopped at the entrance and turned. She kissed Keitaro quickly on the lips and went to her room.  Keitaro just stood there, watching as she went down the hall to her room. He was starting to feel funny inside now but he didn't know why. He closed the door to his room, got dressed and went downstairs to breakfast.


"Motoko?" Shinobu said peeking into Motoko's room and finding her staring out the window. "Breakfast is ready. Are you coming down?"

"Maybe later Shinobu." Motoko said still staring out the window.

"Are you still sad because you saw them kissing last night?" Shinobu asked

"I'd rather not talk about it." she said

"Okay. I'll see you later then." Shinobu said as she went out of the room and closed the door.

Yes, Motoko had been the one who saw them from the top of the stairs. She had gotten up and heard someone walking down the hall. She checked on Su and went down the hall and stopped quietly at the top of the stairs. That's when she saw them, Keitaro and Mitsune kissing. Inside her heart felt as if it had been peirced with daggers. They noticed that someone was there so she quickly ran into the nearest room, Shinobu's, so they wouldn't find her.

Shinobu had woken up when she heard her door open and close and found Motoko there with tears in her eyes.

"Are you okay Motoko?" she asked quietly. Motoko told her what had happened and it was obvious to her that Motoko was heartbroken. She loved Keitaro,though she wouldn't admit it to anyone, and seeing them together was tearing her to pieces.

"I want to tell him." Motoko said to herself when Shinobu left "But i'm afraid of what he might say. Especially since he loves Kitsune now."

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