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Fake Wedding?

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Chapter Two: Suprise, it's real

"You mean it wasn't suppose to be real?" Kaolla said as she stopped throwing petals and looked at Naru. "Oopsies."

"What do you mean 'oopsies"?" Naru said looking at Su with a worried look on her face. She knew she wasn't going to like the answer to that.

"I thought it was a real wedding." Kaolla said

"Okay I get that but what did you mean when you said you thought it was suppose to be real?" Naru said. Now everyone was looking at Kaolla even Kitsune who just got back and had no idea what they were talking about.

"Well I have a paper that says the wedding is real." she took out a folded paper from her pocket and gave it to Naru.

"She's right. The wedding was real." Naru said holding up the paper for everyone to see. The document was legal and said that Kaolla was allowed to marry people as long as the license had not expired. The date was from a few days ago that same year so the wedding was real.

"You mean me and Kitsune are actually married?" Keitaro asked

"I'm afraid so." Naru said. Keitaro fainted.

"Now I can get all the money from his account." Kitsune said

"You always do that." Keitaro said getting up.

"Yeah but now i'm your wife." she said

"What's the difference?"

"Su, where did you get this and why do you even have it?" Motoko asked her.

"I found a couple a few days ago with no one to marry them so I got the paper and did it myself." she answered smiling.

"But why did you get it?" Motoko asked again

"I was bored and I couldn't find Keitaro to test one of my new inventions. I think he was hiding." Kaolla said and ran up the stairs to her room.

A few minutes later the door opened and Haruka came in. She looked around the room at the decorations and at the people standing around looking a bit shocked.

"Who got married here?" she asked. Though she meant it as a joke.

"Keitaro and Kitsune did." Kaolla said from the top of the stairs. " I married them."

"Isn't that nice?" Haruka said

"She actually means it aunt Haruka. Me and Kitsune are married now." Keitaro said

Haruka hit him on the head. "What do you mean you two are actually married?"

"I got a paper see?" Kaolla said giving her the paper.

Haruka read it then looked at Keitaro and Kitsune who came back from throwing up again and was drinking another bottle of sake.

"Won't your parents be happy about this Keitaro?" she said

"You won't tell them will you?" he asked her.

"Maybe." she said

"I think it's best you not say anything just yet. We don't know for sure where Su got that paper. It could just be a fake." Naru said

"And if it's not." Motoko asked

"Well there's always divorce unless they really want to stay together." Naru said

"I don't mind. This way I can get all his money." Kitsune said drinking some more from the bottle in her hand.

"You keep your hands to yourself while we find out where Su got this from and see if it's real." Naru said. "Now lets clean up so we can go have dinner."


The next morning Keitaro woke up feeling that someone was next to him. For a moment he thought it was Su who would sometimes sleep walk and fall asleep next to him. He turned around to tell her to go back to Motoko's room but he got a suprise when he did.

"Kitsune!!." Keitaro said jumping up. "What are you doing in my bed?"

"Well aren't we married?" she said

"We don't know for sure." he said

"Keitaro you pervert!!!! I told you to keep you hands to your self!!!!!!." a voice yelled. Next thing he knew he was flying out the window.

"Kitsune what are you doing in here?" Naru asked her.

"Stealing Keitaro's money." she said "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for Su. She wasn't with Motoko so I thought she would be here." Naru answered.

"Here i am Naru." Kaolla said popping up from under the blanket next to Kitsune.

"She wandered here in the middle of the night so I let her stay. Keitaro didn't even notice her." Kitsune said

"Kaolla go back with Motoko before she wakes up and finds you gone." Naru told her.

"Okay." Kaolla said getting up and walking out of the room still sleepy.


A few day later they found out the paper was legal and that Kitsune and Keitaro were legally married. Naru was finding them a lawyer for the divorce but was having trouble finding one that was available at this time. Every morning Keitaro woke up to find Kitsune next to him. And every morning either Naru or Motoko would send him flying out the window. He always came back to find his wallet empty so he started hiding it in a box in his closet where Kitsune wouldn't find it. It worked for a while.


"Su, get that this to stop chasing me?" Keitaro yelled. Kaolla was testing a new invention on him. It was a small robotic dynosaur that spat out fire and was currently chasing Keitaro around all over Hinata nearly turning him to ashes.

"Su, leave Keitaro alone and got test your invention on someone else in town for awhile." Kitsune said.

"Okay." she said getting her invention and finding another person to test it on.

Keitaro fell on the ground tired after running from Su's robot for over an hour. His shoes were pretty much burnt up and his pants too.

"Thanks Kitsune." he said

"No problem hun." she said taking his wallet from his pocket and taking the money that was inside. She put the empty wallet back into his pocket before he got up.

"Lets walk around town for awhile." Kitsune said heading down one of the streets.

"Okay." Keitaro said getting up and following her.

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