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A Feeling I Hide
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Chapter Two

Good Night

The movie ended about an hour later. The lights came back on in the theater and people started to get up in their seats and head towards the exit. Many waited for the crowd to be gone before leaving. Danny and Sam were still holding hands when the lights came back on and quickly pulled away. They waited 'til most of the people had gone out before going down the steps into the lobby. The lobby, much like the theater, was pretty full. They had to push their way through to get to the exit.

When they finally got out the door they were greeted by the cold night air and the silence of the night. The door seemed to cut off all the noise from inside the theater. The movie was over and who knew how much longer this perfect night would last. Sam looked up at the stars trying to see if she remembered the constellations. The millions of little stars all looked like little white dots, so very far away.

Danny looked up to see the moon half full. The stars looked brighter than they did on most night. Or maybe it was just because he was looking at them more closely than he did before. He turned his head to look at Sam. The moon light catching on her hair, making it shine. This made him think of a poem he had heard once from a friend. (Here is another of my poems I hope you like.It's called The stars. I lost the first draft of the poem so I had to rewrite it by memory. I hope you like it.)

Your eyes like shining stars

make a light in the darkness.

The moons rays in your dark hair

make it shine.

Such a beauty man has ever known

as you look, quietly at the stars.

To prove to you my love,

i'll bring you the stars to show you it's true

and that even they,

no matter how much beauty they contain

could never compare with you.

My one and only love.

"Hey Danny," Sam said, waving a hand in front of his face "You okay?"

"Huh? Um, yeah. I'm okay. Want to go get some thing to eat?" Danny asked.

"Sure." she answers.

They walk down the street to the nearest fast food place and sit in a booth at the back near the window. There was only four other people there so it was pretty quiet. They looked at the small menus on the table trying to decide what to get. Actually, they were wondering what to say next. It seemed both were at a loss for words.

Are all first dates this way? Sam wondered. Not that she hadn't been on dates before. It was just that they never really knew what to say.

"So,did you like the movie?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, it was almost exactly like the book. How about you?"

"To tell you the truth, I never really got a chance to finish the book. I didn't read the last four chapters." Danny said.

"You should read the whole thing. It's a really good book." Sam said.

At that moment the waitress comes to takes their order then leaves. She comes back a minute later with two cokes. "Your food will be done in a few minutes."

They thank her and she disappears again behind two white door leading to the kitchen they guessed. As she had said before, the waitress came back a few minutes later with her food and not looking particularly happy about some thing. She put their food on the table and went back into the kitchen. The saw smoke come out from under the door before it opened again and the waitress came back out looking happier than she did a minute ago. She stopped by their table saying "Enjoy your dinner." then left.

"Wonder what that was all about?" Danny asked.

"I don't think I want to know," Sam answered. As she finished her sentance a man,which they guessed was the cook, wearing a partly burned apron came out from behind the door. Muttering some thing under his breathe "Damn woman burnt my good apron too." and went out the front door.

"Maybe we should hurry up and leave." Sam suggested.

"That's a good idea." Danny said.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about them. They're always like that."a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes said as she stood by their table. She wore the same uniform as the other waitress.

"Can I get you any thing else." she asked.

"Um, no thanks." they both said. The girl smiled, then left.

They quickly finished the rest of their food, paid for it and left. As they left, they saw the cook and the waitress coming back, arms around each other, and a smile on both faces.

"I guess those two must be dating or some thing." Sam said.

"They look like a pretty odd couple." Danny said.

"Well, love is blind. But unfortunantly my parents aren't," Sam said, as she looked at her watch. "It's almost curfew, we better get going."

A few minutes before curfew they stood shivering with cold on Sam's doorstep. They didn't even notice when it had got so cold all of a sudden.

"You sure you don't want to come in for a bit," Sam asked "It's pretty cold out there. You could get sick."

"I'm sure. I have to get back home before my parents ground me again." Danny answered.

"Well, goodnight..." she didn't get to finish her sentance because she suddenly felt two lips on hers. After the suprise went away a second later she kissed him back. The kiss didn't last too long because she heard her mom say from inside "Sam,is that you?"

"Yes,mom. I'll be in in a minute."

"Okay." and she leaves.

"Well, it was a fun night." Danny said "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, bye." she said. He gives her one more quick kiss on the lips then leaves. She waves goodbye and then goes into her house. As she leaned against the door, a blush on her cheeks and a smile on her face she says to herself Maybe there's hope after all.

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