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A Feeling I Hide
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Chapter One

The Movies

    It's just our first, possibly our only date Sam thought as she looked through her closet for some thing to wear. She wanted to look extra special tonight. She looked at herself in the mirror for the hundreth time and just threw the clothes she held in her hand into the pile by her bed. Nothing she found looked right, maybe it was just her nervousness about their date tonight that got her so frustrated about every thing she found in her closet.

No matter how many times she looked in there, every thing was just the same. She knew it shouldn't really matter what she wore, she could wear a paper sack, Danny wouldn't really notice. He never really seemed to notice much of what she did. Why would tonight be any different.

Because tonight's our first date. So I have to look good. That's why. She sighed and layed down on her bed just staring out of her ceiling. The night will be perfect no matter what I wear because I know i'll be with Danny.

Sam leaned over the bed and took out a small black notebook from its hiding place under her mattress. She found a pen on top of her dresser and began to write. An inspiration for a new poem had just come to her. And this is how it went: (AN: I'm not so sure about this poem yet. It's pretty hard to write when someone's radio is on too loud and two little siblings wrestling each other in the room)

Out of everyone I see,

out any one in the world

I find the only one I really want is you.

To see your that smile, to hear that laugh.

To hear that voice that makes me feel so warm inside.

Out of any one in this world I could be with at this moment,

the only person I want to be is with you

and only you.

But just to be sure, i'll get mom's credit card and go shopping. She put the notebook back under her mattress, grabbed her backpack and went out the door and down the stairs.

A few minutes later, Sam was looking through the clothes racks of a store in the mall. Every thing was either too pink or too short. She liked Danny, but she didn't want to make that kind of impression on a first date. She searched through some other stores at the mall untill she finally found some thing that would be perfect for tonight. Afterwards she headed home to get ready. She had only about an hour before Danny came to pick her up.

"You two are dating and you haven't had the decency to tell me yet. Some friends." Tucker said after finding out from Jazz about Danny and Sam's date for that night.

"We're not dating. This is just one date, our first date." Danny said.

"Yeah, but still, why are you two going out and leaving me all alone?"

"Jealous are you?"

"Yes, i mean, No." Tucker answered "It just that, if you two start dating, the three of us won't hang out as much any more. We probably won't see each other because you two will be off doing couple stuff."

"Like I said, it's just one date. Who knows what'll happen? We probably won't go on any more after this. Eithier way, your still going to my best friend. I won't abandon you." Danny said to reassured him.

"Fine,but don't have too much fun." he said as Danny headed out the door. He wasn't so happy about the idea of his two best friends dating Well, sooner or later i'll have to get used to it. he sighed and left the room.

Danny and Sam walked silently, side by side to the theater nearby. Neither one could figure out what to say, both were pretty nervous. Sam especially. In her mind she knew that she'd have to tell Danny how she felt, but was it right to do it tonight? Sam was still unaware that Danny had found the note and in his mind, he knew that he should probably tell her. After all, it was one of the reasons he had asked her out. Another was to figure out it there was even a possibility for the two of them to be together. They had the whole night, maybe enough time to figure it out. Any thing can happen in a minute, as well as a few hours.

The theater was showing movies from the sixties and eighties tonight. The same as they did every year at that time. Kind of like a tribute to old classic movies. Next week they would show those silent films that had started the whole moving picture thing. Even without any sound, you could feel the emotion from just looking into the character eyes. Tonight they were showing The Outsiders. A film made after the book by S.E Hinton.

Danny and Sam had been made to read the book for an english assignment. It would be interesting to see it played out on a screen in front of you, rather than your mind. Some times both were exactly alike. It was pretty full inside the theater, but they found seats at the top and sat down. Who knew so many people loved to watch old movies like these. A few minutes later the lights went out and the picture popped onto the screen. They got comfortable in their seats, some time into the movie, Danny grabbed Sam's hand and held it in his own. Sam turned to look at him, he had a smile on his face as he turned too. Sam smiled, blushing slightly before both continued to watch the movie.

To Sam, this was beginning to turn into a most wonderful night. One she hoped not to forget.