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A Feeling I Hide
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     Sam was up most of the night wondering what Danny's reaction would be to the letter she would give him the next day in which she confesses her love for him. Different scenes kept playing in her head about what would happen if she gave him the letter, some of them good, others not so well. If she did give him the letter, would it have an effect on their friendship or would he reject her and damage only a part of it.

The closer and closer she got to school, the more nervous she became. When she finally did enter the school, she was starting to have seconds thoughts. Even more when she saw him down the hall by his locker.

When he turned and saw her, he waved, smiling at the same time. She didn't know what to do, but she eventually waved back with a nervous smile on her face. A bunch of other kids came in, shoving her to one side as they went down the hall way. Sam hit the lockers on one side, a slight pain on her right shoulder from where she had hit.

She rubbed her shoulder as she looked around the hall for Danny again who was not longer at his locker. She found him by a corner, staring in her direction with a strange look on his face. At first she thought he was staring at her but when she saw Paulina pass by and his eyes follow her, she knew it wasn't so.

She sighed, and in her mind she said Maybe some other day. But not now.

The bell rang for first period and as she walked to class she dropped the note into the trash. Not looking to see if it actually made it into the trash can. Maybe some day, but not today.

On his way to fourth period Danny was 'accidentally' pushed into a wall. Instead of hitting the wall he fell next to one of the trash cans. He heard laughter as the people who pushed him passed by but he didn't need to look up to know who it was. He waited untill they left before getting up. As he was getting up, Danny notice a folded paper stuck under his shoe.

"What's this?" Danny said. He picked it up and was about to put it in the trash when he saw what was written on the front. it said To Danny.

That was all it said on the front, and he would have opened it to see what was written on it except that the bell for fourth period rang, making him late to class for the third time this week. Danny quickly put the paper in his pocket and ran down the hall to his next class.

Danny never remembered the paper untill some time after school as he walked through Amity Park. If he hadn't been searching his pockets for some thing to write his homework with, the paper would have been completly forgotten, washed and unreadable with the rest of his clothes that weekend. As an excuse to not to his homework right then he opened it. Part of the note was a poem and it went like this: (this is a poem I wrote myself. I hope you all enjoy it)

Every day I see you I feel so different inside

whether it's butterflies or some thing else

I know i've felt these feelings before.

It is love that I feel, for only you

and every day, I find it harder to hide.

Your eyes, your laughter, your smile

the kindness you show for others,

whether they return it or not.

All this and more is what makes me love you even more.

If you shall ever know, it's to early to tell

but I know every day my love for you grows deeper inside.

If you love me too, I'd wish to know

because maybe then, my feelings won't hide.

Danny reread the poem once more before continuing to read the other part of the note. The part that was an actual note. It was still more interesting than homework and he found that he couldn't put the note away until he had read it completely. This is what the note said:

Danny, I know we've been friends for a long time already. But lately i've been having some pretty mixed up feeling when i'm around you or any time I think about you. I know it has to be love, or some thing close to it. And I know that maybe you don't feel the same way but I just couldn't keep it a secret and I really don't want this to harm our friendship. I'll be okay if you don't love me back, i'll find some one who will eventually, but I just wanted you to know this so that maybe I wouldn't feel some kind of guilt that I hadn't been teeling you this secret before. You're still one of the most important people in my life and I don't want that to change.


After reading that last part of the letter, Danny just stared at it. This was some thing he never imagined would happen. Some thing he had been to foolish to notice. The sign were all around him, the way she usually blushed whenever their hands touched, the way she always smiled so nervously when he looked at her for help during class. How some times he found her just staring at him, a sort of lost look in her eyes, the same way that he often looked at Paulina. The way she got jealous when he talked about her in front of her or about any other girl. Saying she wasn't the one for him and that there was some one better out there.

Most of the time she was just herself, acting like the friend he'd always known. Maybe that's why he didn't notice it before, or maybe it was just that he didn't see her as a girl but just a friend, some one he never thought would feel this way for him, since so many few people at school did. Then again, maybe if he wasn't so absorbed in getting Paulina's attention all the time he might have noticed and maybe given her the same attention.

Right now he remembered how he had had a crush on Sam when they were younger. But they were only eight, what did they know about these kinds of thing back then. What did he feel for Sam now? Was she just a friend to him or maybe some thing more?

She was pretty smart, independant and if she had some thing on her mind, she hardley ever hesitated to say what it was. Espeacially if it was about a certain popular raven haired girl she very much disliked. But did he feel the same way?

Now he was wondering why the note had been in the trash, how long had it been there. It seemed that Sam had wanted to give it to him herself but maybe at the last moment had second thoughts or maybe had felt she should tell him herself. If it hadn't been by chance, he would never have known that Sam loved him much less noticed.

"Hey Danny."

He crumpled up the note and quickly shoved it into his pocket.

"Hey Sam," he said looking up at her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Trying to finish my homework." Danny answered.

"Want to take a break and get some thing to eat?"

"Sure, it beats studying." he said. Sam smiled.

As they made their way out of Amity park Danny stopped and asked her "Are you doing any thing this weekend?"

"No." she said rather quickly. "I mean not that I know of. Why?"

"I don't know. I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to go to the movies with me this Saturday?" he said.

"Sure, i'd love to." she answered, a small blush coming to her cheeks. Sam could hardley keep herself from smiling.

"Great. Well,...let's get some thing then." and they continued on their way to the nearest fast food place. Maybe this way i'll figure out what it is exactly that I feel. Danny said in his mind.

Meanwhile in Sam's mind, Wow, I can't believe he asked me out. I guess I won't have to give him any note because it looks like I might have a chance. But what will happen to our friendship is some thing that still worries me.

She looked at him, he looked at her. He smiled and she smiled back Then again, I don't think much will change. It is after all just one date.